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    2023-01-20 some scenes

    by , 01-20-2023 at 07:03 AM (150 Views)
    + basketball nobody can make a shot passing is hard feel weak and uncoordinated warming up with team plan is to make shots around the key team standing around the court warming up, low light indoors no features of the building noted, try to make a shot up close and can't, "nothing but net" but it fell short. Nobody makes a single shot.

    + in Ch.Dw's cube at work, I'm admiring his air freshener feel the breeze on my face, hear it, taste how the air is fresher, want one for my cube

    + work cubes, loud girl neighbor playing music/talk radio, she turns it down, not nearly enough, "No way, that's not gonna work," she's hostile to the idea of turning it off or using ear buds.

    + the young woman is changing the water filter cartridge on the large (standing freezer shape) water dispensor, puts it in backwards at first, it makes a very unpleasant sound chug-chug-chug, "IT'S IN BACKWARDS! BACKWARDS! BACKWARDS!" She changes it then I walk around to the front and dispense a glass of water and say "thank you!"

    + [vague] driving on/alongside a large truck/trailer need to hand something off?

    + in a bathroom, standing at sink, double sink, looking at the lines of liquid dispenser rubber-lined that run along the top of the counter emptying into the sink, I think about the angle it was done at to make sure that gravity will pull the liquid into the sink, I run my finger along the latex/rubber material of the displenser path and it is very pliable, like a soft caluk, wife L comes in (now it's double toilet) and I know she has to pee, it won't bother me, she sits down to pee and I turn around and sit down on the toilet right next to her and think "zabavno" ("funny/fun").

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