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    2023-04-17 some more vivid scenes

    by , 04-17-2023 at 09:46 AM (144 Views)
    + in basement of G (3HC neighbor)'s house, large open white rooms, I think this is NeMcK (gr. school U), large grand pianos, I want to play them, I go to "train room" and it is huge and open and white and there are 3-4 grand pianos here, some white, some black, I want to sit at them and play some of my pieces

    + discussing printer technology with several people, the idea is working on project to help people with various disabilities

    + walking through office, there are tons of young people sitting at long rows of computer stations all bunched together in meandering lines that turn corners, I think who'd want to work all day in such cramped conditions, I think maybe they pay very well

    + [some other outdoor scene, forgotten]

    + driving up to strip mall with a yogurt/(hot dog?) place, it's early in the morning but I still think it would be fun to stop and buy frozen yogurt for breakfast, it's a very famous place I think and the owner is standing out front beside the door, I pull in to the paring lot and am working on parking, I can't seem to quite fit into a place the way I want to despite there being a lot of room and very few cars, I'm driving forwards and reverse, moving from one row to another, I see a small car parked in the main entrance area with it's rear to the curb and I think about parking beside it, and continue trying to park to my satisfaction

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