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    by , 05-02-2023 at 09:31 AM (73 Views)
    + with son S2 outside a party, we're standing on a landing just outside the house where the party is, he's standing a few steps down and I'm on the landing it's dark/twilight [DS], I'm so glad he's recovered enough from his illness [true] to enjoy life, I want to embrace him and tell him I love him. But I'm not thrilled that he's drinking and smoking again; he has a lit pipe that he's smoking, he hands it to me to take a hit, I fumble it and it falls to the ground, I say something like "I wasn't ready yet", I pick it up and take a deep whiff of thet aroma [don't remember if there was smell], I don't really want to inhale just get the aroma of the tobacco

    + playing an online chess simul against Magnus Carlsen, I see the screen in front of me, I have to log in, then there are a lot of screens of the configuration of our game, which Magnus fills in while I'm watching, I know he's White in the simul and plan to play the Sicilian, I figure as a strong player against a weaker one he'll offer the the Smith-Morra gambit, which I accept, accepted, I never actually see the board, and I'm thinking about the names of the squares, I know I'll take on d4 if he pushes d4, then on c3 if he pushes c3, but then I'm not sure if I should take on b2 or not. I type a message to him in the chat window that takes most of my time in the game because I keep having to correct typos. I type the message "I'm looking forward to a lesson in winning the SM Accep!", I have little time left, I'm unsure of what to do, so I castle [illegal!].

    Then the scene changes and it's a gathering of people [DS], the young people want to leave the party and go off on their own and leave the adults in the house.

    + [f] some scene, someone jumps on top of a walkway with a glass roof and the glass cracks.
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