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    2023-07-16 pool, camping, soccer, cafe

    by , 07-16-2023 at 10:10 AM (161 Views)
    [DS] = Dream Sign
    [waking comments in brackets]
    (clarifications in parentheses)
    [f] fragment
    edit: date was wrong! fixed it

    first waking

    + I arrive to my favorite camping spot at UL where I stayed with the Boy Scouts many years. I see the huge mound of massive granite boulders in front of me, and I feel so happy to be here. I do a "quiet scream" voice (like screaming but low volume) of "I'M HERE, WOOHOO!!" and I choose a spot to pitch my tent and put my stuff. We all gather together and PK the usual choral master leads a rousing chorus of "Hail to California" [DS! DS! DS! Both singing, and this song in particular]. I'm paying careful attention to my intonation, and sort of unusual [for dreams], it seems I'm off key a little bit. I'm imagine singing very deep bass notes. I strive to always sing harmony most of the time instead of the main tune. And I go for a super high soprano note for the final "HAAAAAIIIILLLLL!!!!". Then the weather's turning bad, it may snow/rain, we're trying to decide to move to higher/more covered ground. I think I might be OK if I stay right where I am but I'm not entirely sure. On of the fathers (Dn Grthr?) is moving to a different spot.

    + I'm playing a defender position right in front of the goal in a game of soccer on a field. Lighting is twlilight [DS]. Don't actually see any other players, only I am there. But the balls keep being shot in by the other (invisible) players, and I'm doing a really good job of blocking them. Sometimes it's anxious as I block the shot but the ball is still lying in front of the goal and I have to try to get there first before an opposing player gets there to score a goal.

    2nd waking (?)

    + I'm in a swimming pool [DS], lighting is darkish/twilight [DS]. There is a naked girl there, I get a sort of vague glimpse of her HP, and I try to position myself for a better view. Out of the pool I'm standing and there's a fully naked young woman there asking a staff member something. I'm sort of amazed at her just walking around naked, and then I think/remember that there must be a special sort of class/cult meeting today where it's required for the members to be naked, for some sort of reason. I realize that I do not have my (locker?) key, and I start looking for it. I ask a staff member, then think I'll just try the locker room. I have a feeling of doom because if I left it in there it's probably gone along with my stuff. I go in to the room and am relieved to see my key is still sitting on top of my book on a shelf.
    Then I'm re-entering the locker room and it is incredibly steamy from all the showers. It is very uncomfortably humid and I hate getting dressed in humid conditions, but I guess some people like it. I sort of slip on the wet floor and lose my balance briefly and call out ("Hey!" or "Whoa!"). Then I hear some guys elsewhere in the dressing room making fun of the outburst that they just heard.

    + [f] I'm in a cafe/restaurant and there is a table of people there including an old man who are moving from an inside table to an outside table. There is a very narrow path and I'm trying to go in while they are simultaneously coming out, and I end up having to wait for all of them to go by before I can enter [DS, people in my way]

    3rd waking (?)

    + [semi-lucid?] I'm on street outside CH. There is a group of people including some girls heading my way from the G's house walking towards FL street. They sort of veer to their right (my left) to avoid me I think. I feel bold [DS] and go up to a girl and interact with her:
    V tb hc gb bar tvey naq ernpu vafvqr ure oybhfr naq teno n obbo. Vg'f fbeg bs vafhofgnagvny ohg orpbzrf pyrnere jvgu n yvggyr ovg bs gvzr. V'z zbivat zl unaq nebhaq naq tvivat ure n tbbq srry. V nyfb srry ure fpengpul cvgf.
    The scene visuals fade while we're interacting but I continue to feel it for a while before transitioning/waking

    final waking:

    + [f] in a room/cafe? There is a raised table/counter near me. (There are lamps on it)? [Only thing I remember is:] Looking at the counter top, I see there is a very intricate carving made into the wood. It's not just graffiti but is smooth and the "words" there are written in cursive, some of them. Someone did this on purpose.
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    1. Meiseki's Avatar
      V tb hc gb bar tvey naq ernpu vafvqr ure oybhfr naq teno n obbo. Vg'f fbeg bs vafhofgnagvny ohg orpbzrf pyrnere jvgu n yvggyr ovg bs gvzr. V'z zbivat zl unaq nebhaq naq tvivat ure n tbbq srry. V nyfb srry ure fpengpul cvgf.
      Is this... a code??
    2. FryingMan's Avatar
      It is rot 13. I want something slightly harder than a spoiler tag. If somebody really wants to see my dream "interaction with DC" details, it will take a few more clicks. I don't know, it's sort of silly, perhaps I should just return to spoiler tags.