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    2023-08-10 city skiing, mega theater dream

    by , 08-10-2023 at 10:25 AM (134 Views)

    Colors: Lucid, Semi-lucid, Non-lucid
    [comment from waking] in angle brackets
    (comment / clarification from dreaming) in parentheses
    Abbreviations: DS = dream sign, CH = childhood home, S1/S2 = sons, S/O = someone, S/A = something about, [f] = fragment, b/r = bathroom trip, Wn = waking #n, BT = bedtime, OOB = final out of bed time in morning, DO = Disembodied Observer

    Summary of the Night
    • BT: ~23:15 (23:30 FB) , OOB: ~07:40, fitbit score: 84 (6:34 asleep, 1:04 awake, 1:12 deep, 1:53 REM, 95%); supps: omnk
    • Wakings:
      1. 02:07 b/r, no recall
      2. 05:52, recall? BTS right away
      3. 06:55 b/r recall

    W2/3: City Skiing
    DO there are people skiing on city streets. The streets are very steep, like in San Francisco. There steep hill sections between intersections are broken up by level areas where the cross streets go across the steep vertical streets, so the steep sections are not continuous hills but have flat areas every block. There are cars also driving on the streets and I'm sort of amazed that the skiers are able to share the streets with the cars.

    W2/3: Burning Building
    [Some longer part of the dream, forgotten] In the distance I see a large building with smoke coming from it, it is probably on fire.

    W2/3: Mega Theater/DMV near epic
    Entering the Theater
    I'm with a male friend and we're in line for a major performance in a theater. As we approach the main entrance, the usher stops the line and blocks the entrance with a ribbon, right in front of us. I think "what bad luck, we almost made it in." There is a huge crowd still in the lobby/entry way in front of us. I think there is space for us still in the line. The crowd surges forwards, and now there is room for us and they remove the ribbon and let us in. We join the crowd surging forwards to hurry in to the theater. We enter it, it is cavernous, a huge theater with many levels and many different seating sections. We're in the back right corner of the theater, either ground level or 2nd level. The theater extends very far in front of us and to the left, it is really huge.

    Finding our seats
    Everyone is rushing to find their seats before the performance starts, because once they lower the lights it will be impossible to find the seats and we'll have to leave the theater. We've moved to the left hand side of the theater, it's really confusing, I'm trying to figure out where we're sitting. The seat is marked by a combination of section, (then row and seat #?), but I can't figure out where our section is. I figure that I can bisect the search by finding the sections larger than our and less than our and then ours will be in the middle. There are sections full of seated people all around us.
    [A lot more, really long dream, forgotten]
    S/A meeting w/ people in a central area?

    Enter the DMV
    There is a really large indoor lobby, this is the (DMV?) we're here to do some administrative tasks. We enter the large area and descend to the ground floor, we need to get through a turnstyle/gate, some people (my friend?) is let through, but I'm detained and brought to an administrator. The admin says that I am denied service because of a violation, and shows a video of me at some automated robot kiosk where I supposedly was earlier, the kiosk (robot? clown?) asked me a question and I gave a flagrantly false answer. And because of this lie, they are denying me service.

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