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    2023-11-12 lots of short scenes, some very vivid

    by , 01-12-2023 at 06:11 AM (187 Views)
    Geez, almost a month of no DJing...and I'm surprised that I've had no LDs since the competition! Oops...well the New Years festivities are wrapping up and it's time to get back to connecting more strongly with dreams and dreaming.

    Full Huberman stack last night an hour before bed. In bed at decent time. No screens for an hour or two before bed. 15-20 minutes of Zhine "mind merging with space" meditation. No food close to bed time. Fitbit says I slept for 6:48, 84 sleep score, only 34 mins awake. Deep 1:05, REM 1:36, 90% below resting heart rate, 7% restless.

    My goal was to immediately head back to sleep on every waking. No delving except for when there was a ton of recall on hand, presumably on final waking.

    A ton of scenes. Some nice, amusing, fairly present dreaming.

    Went to bed with the mindset of "whatever happens in the night, I accept it"

    + At a grilled food stand, selecting the small burger I want, they're talking to me about which I should choose and they're talking among themselves. Outdoors, daylight.

    + Running a foot race. Start at the starting gate, I anticipate the signal and lean out and put a foot forwards, pull back. Start running. I'm in my underwear only. It's more a slow jog. Run alongside JH (company N CEO) for a while. Outside/daylight/open space walkway

    + looking for mom in the maze-like blue/white tile bathroom corridor complex, get trapped inside?

    + counting money at a desk in a room, with partner, and woman counter, I tell my partner (woman?) to be careful with the envelopes of cash I'm giving her, I want her to count it carefully and keep a total before giving it to the clerk to make sure they don't steal from us

    + in wash/laundry room, scarf gets stuck in washer, open top and pull it out, guy comments on my writing on the whiteboard (in <foreign> language, interesting that he seems to know it too), turn away, turn back and the guy has erased the whiteboard and I think stolen all my money and stuff. I get aggressive and dig in his pockets for my papers, I bash his face repeatedly with something heavy and leave him (I imagine) bleeding on the floor.

    + in CH bedroom, it's hot, 3 guys there, open blinds, open window, admire the view, pretty accurate, notice some buildings not there in waking life looks like new construction, point out "see, there's the GG bridge!". One of the guys asks about one of my twin beds, asks if it should be moved up against the wall (adjoining the hallway), I answer no.

    + See son S1, no eyes, glitter across face, some tattoo markings, this is a cosplay thing?

    + In large tubes/tunnel complex, Reach opening looking out on underground river, look down below me and see this is where they've been leaving the packages for delivery, several large ones in brown paper wrapping are there. My package is there and has been opened, I'm angry about this, I look at it and it is a large balloon shape, think this is a gift from S1?

    + A woman has successfully managed to get away, and she has her money with her.

    + As I'm packing up things (in the laundry room), I realize I'm leaving behind several objects, like the model plane remote control that has the climb/descend buttons on it (white control cube with black buttons and a white cord), I think somebody may want to fly my plane, but they won't be able to without the remote.

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