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    1. 2023-04-30

      by , 04-30-2023 at 07:33 AM
      two nights ago:

      + stolen wallet (took it out of my bag, took all the cash/stuff, put the empty wallet back), in a room where a stylist / consultant is advising a client on their color range

      + riding the bridge to the city [DS], switching gears towards the top of the hill on the bridge, deva vu repeat the trip a second time and select a different path

      + conflict in the bathroom stall, group of (foreigners?) are aggressive and I tell them (in a foreign lang?) to go to the free stall next to us but they don't leave

      + moving through airport, an attendant welcomes me by name, I think they have face/biometric scanning in order to do that

      last night:
      a lot of scenes but many forgotten

      + cabin house on fire? walking around house, a bunch of people are camping out in a back yard area in the rain, in tents and in sleeping bags
      I'm really upset at losing the house but once inside I see that it's not burning

      + amusement park ride, jump to front of line, watch the ride zip around on the rails for a while

      + in a cafeteria, there are good/desirable areas and regular areas, I want the better ones but am not selected for those, walking through basic area, my foot hits a round fruit (peach?) on the floor, I sneak back into the better areas but they're closing down
    2. 2023-04-28

      by , 04-28-2023 at 04:24 PM
      + hosing down a (fire engine?) which is parked at a curb, outside and some inside chambers, I do not hose down the ladder because I don't want to make it slippery, there's a guy climbing up that and he says "yeah that was a good decision"

      + playing racquetball with my wife. Making shots, missing some
    3. 2023-04-26

      by , 04-26-2023 at 06:32 AM
      + [f] golf scene, digging at a hole so that the next player will have an easier time on the green, it slopes down into the hole

      + [f] my son S1 is preparing a spot to sleep with piled cushions/bedding on the floor in front of a (corner?) couch

      + [final, vivid] with people in a room, there are spots where the floor is weak, there is a flooring material made of pressed bits of foam, this seems to be the reason, there are piles of it, I look at it and notice the colors of the little bits it is made up of

      get on to elevator with a guy from that room, I'm confused by the buttons, I'm looking for (the casino?), the elevator I think not only goes up and down but sideways, and is a way to transport yourself around the building/complex

      to the casino
      get off at trains, footing iffy, might fall back

      walk to an area where a tall man is, (missing teeth?), southern accent/hillbilly, I ask about the way back to the casino, he starts talking about schemes where one could buy land next to a planned development and take advantage of the increased value, but "there is a question about how close is too close"

      + walking around an office [DS], I'm surveying the cubes, trying to choose one that I'd like to sit in. They are different sizes (some super tiny) and some by the windows, but some have others sitting behind, I'm looking for one that will give me both privacy and a lot of room. My group is moving to this area, I wonder if I can choose my own cube, if it is first-come-first-served, or if there is a pre-arranged seating plan and I'll have to move to my assigned cube

      + [vague] in a gym? [DS]
    4. 2023-04-25

      by , 04-25-2023 at 06:26 AM
      + returning to a multi-level parking garage with a friend, separate building, we'll have to take the elevator

      + I have the responsibility of choosing a ritual piercing item for some woman, who will (I think?) have to wear it there the rest of her life: the item, and where it will be worn, I'm not completely familiar with the tradition and concerned about making a poor choice that will negatively impact her life. I hold the items in my hand, they are very sharp. They look like brooches with a sort of crescent shape where the needle / attachment is. It's fairly large, about 2 inches long, and I'm thinking the place on her body would be on the back of her hand, between the thumb and first finger. I think this position might bother her. She's fairly nervous I sense about my choice. I ask "do they need to really wear these things 24/7 or can they take them off sometimes?"

      + walking up a steep staircase with vendors all around in a mall, pass a woman pushing two strollers full of macaroni and cheese along with the babies, I stop and reluctantly purchase a small slice of super expensive beef. As I pass the stroller I notice the mac-n-cheese and think "man no wonder Americans are so fat". At the meat stand I'm reluctant, I'm not sure I want that much meat, at first I say I just want "one piece" which turns out to be huge, like 20 pounds or more, I picture myself trying to eat all that and it seems like way too much. I ask if they can instead cut a smaller part, they say yes, they point out to me the tip of the huge piece which is white colored, it's supposedly a super delicacy, I say OK, he starts cutting, it will be 1-2 pounds of meat it looks like. It looks like it might be really tough.

      + [f, vague] walking in an apartment that I'm trying to rent, having remote communication with the realtor

      + [vivid, final] shoveling snow on top of a train that transforms into walking along a cruise ship pulling in to port in the south of the USA, I'll have to take a flight to reach home
      I'm on top of the (train?) looking down, I'm about 10 feet up from the ground, there is a crew walking along the vehicle tracks, cleaning snow, they're moving slowly. I'm shoveling snow from the side of the top of the vehicle/train into a bin in the middle of the top, the crew on the ground says "hey we're cleaning don't throw that down here" and I say [in foreign lang] "I'm not throwing it down, I'm gathering it all up here". I walk further along the top and it becomes like a corridor or hallway outside on a large ship, there are traces of snow along the sides of the hallway and I'm shoveling it up. I reach the front of the ship, this is a mid-level there are lots of open structures around, I see I've reach the front of the ship which is rounded and broad like a ferry. The ship runs up against some fencing or border in the water and that means that the ship has reached its final mooring.
    5. 2023-04-24

      by , 04-24-2023 at 08:19 AM
      final dream: (there were more, earlier, fairly active with lots of interaction, but these faded)

      + I'm going to some sort of social engagement in a house, a long-time friend is going to drive us, and the benefit is that the place we're going is really close to where he lives (right around the corner). I'm there, but across the street from it, looking it over, it is a really huge, White mansion, many-storied. I want to take a picture of it and send it to my friend. There is a phone there and I'm (thinking of?) making a call. I also think about going out to a restaurant.

      Some sort of activity with a few other guys, we're talking over how a frozen field on the ground or sheet of ice would provide for nearly zero friction. We're scooting some object along this frozen surface, it appears to be some tube (like a toilet paper roll tube) and a small sprig of a pine branch with green needles on it.
    6. 2023-04-23

      by , 04-23-2023 at 09:29 AM
      + "thundering herd of elk" on steep hillside

      + farmer tells (child?) about the powerful tractor that "cuts through grass like a hot knife through butter", he is a rare one who actually cuts the grass on his tall, long, super steep hillside. At the bottom of the hill there are tall trees and the tractor is starting to take them down, there is then a hill and a special monument / geo monument to the spot from which a champion frisbee throw was made (?)

      + in a (hotel?) bedroom, there was S2 and his short GF (D), they/we are leaving, some question about payment

      +[f] some young street urchins speak with difficulty, saying something about needing help to purchase items from the store they're standing outside
    7. 2023-04-17 some more vivid scenes

      by , 04-17-2023 at 09:46 AM
      + in basement of G (3HC neighbor)'s house, large open white rooms, I think this is NeMcK (gr. school U), large grand pianos, I want to play them, I go to "train room" and it is huge and open and white and there are 3-4 grand pianos here, some white, some black, I want to sit at them and play some of my pieces

      + discussing printer technology with several people, the idea is working on project to help people with various disabilities

      + walking through office, there are tons of young people sitting at long rows of computer stations all bunched together in meandering lines that turn corners, I think who'd want to work all day in such cramped conditions, I think maybe they pay very well

      + [some other outdoor scene, forgotten]

      + driving up to strip mall with a yogurt/(hot dog?) place, it's early in the morning but I still think it would be fun to stop and buy frozen yogurt for breakfast, it's a very famous place I think and the owner is standing out front beside the door, I pull in to the paring lot and am working on parking, I can't seem to quite fit into a place the way I want to despite there being a lot of room and very few cars, I'm driving forwards and reverse, moving from one row to another, I see a small car parked in the main entrance area with it's rear to the curb and I think about parking beside it, and continue trying to park to my satisfaction
    8. 2023-04-15

      by , 04-15-2023 at 06:14 AM
      Trying to reestablish DJing as a daily habit

      + wooden gym frame appears in my field of vision, fairly large, thick wooden beams, and I say "ooh, look a frame", there is a person to my right to whom I'm speaking. I approach it and do some pullups. There are a number of different handholds at different heights for pullups. (I speak to a gym rep who is talking about the cost of time on the frame?)

      + long-ish adventure moving around places inside and outdoors. At some point I inspect my fingers and I see that the fingertips are full of tiny thorns. I get a close up view and there are a lot of them they are bone white/yellow, and I start pulling them out (with tweezers?).

      + Riding in a car in the back seat up a hill my dad is driving there is a train along the hillside to our right and my dad is looking at it trying to get a view of it, I say "keep your eyes on the road, dad!" we will look at the train in more detail when we reach the station at the top of the hill. The car swerves dangerously close to the rock wall to our right but we do not hit it. At the top of the hill the scene changes to a multi-level laundry facility, there are stations for rent with very thick vacuum hoses that you can use to clean your car. There are tubs/depressions in the ground that people are filling with water and using to wash their clothes, first they put a shovel full of disinfectant powder to clean out the tub. At our tub someone asks me to put a lock on it.

      + outdoor scene on a city street, some women, something involving my kids?