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    1. 2023-04-25

      by , 04-25-2023 at 06:26 AM
      + returning to a multi-level parking garage with a friend, separate building, we'll have to take the elevator

      + I have the responsibility of choosing a ritual piercing item for some woman, who will (I think?) have to wear it there the rest of her life: the item, and where it will be worn, I'm not completely familiar with the tradition and concerned about making a poor choice that will negatively impact her life. I hold the items in my hand, they are very sharp. They look like brooches with a sort of crescent shape where the needle / attachment is. It's fairly large, about 2 inches long, and I'm thinking the place on her body would be on the back of her hand, between the thumb and first finger. I think this position might bother her. She's fairly nervous I sense about my choice. I ask "do they need to really wear these things 24/7 or can they take them off sometimes?"

      + walking up a steep staircase with vendors all around in a mall, pass a woman pushing two strollers full of macaroni and cheese along with the babies, I stop and reluctantly purchase a small slice of super expensive beef. As I pass the stroller I notice the mac-n-cheese and think "man no wonder Americans are so fat". At the meat stand I'm reluctant, I'm not sure I want that much meat, at first I say I just want "one piece" which turns out to be huge, like 20 pounds or more, I picture myself trying to eat all that and it seems like way too much. I ask if they can instead cut a smaller part, they say yes, they point out to me the tip of the huge piece which is white colored, it's supposedly a super delicacy, I say OK, he starts cutting, it will be 1-2 pounds of meat it looks like. It looks like it might be really tough.

      + [f, vague] walking in an apartment that I'm trying to rent, having remote communication with the realtor

      + [vivid, final] shoveling snow on top of a train that transforms into walking along a cruise ship pulling in to port in the south of the USA, I'll have to take a flight to reach home
      I'm on top of the (train?) looking down, I'm about 10 feet up from the ground, there is a crew walking along the vehicle tracks, cleaning snow, they're moving slowly. I'm shoveling snow from the side of the top of the vehicle/train into a bin in the middle of the top, the crew on the ground says "hey we're cleaning don't throw that down here" and I say [in foreign lang] "I'm not throwing it down, I'm gathering it all up here". I walk further along the top and it becomes like a corridor or hallway outside on a large ship, there are traces of snow along the sides of the hallway and I'm shoveling it up. I reach the front of the ship, this is a mid-level there are lots of open structures around, I see I've reach the front of the ship which is rounded and broad like a ferry. The ship runs up against some fencing or border in the water and that means that the ship has reached its final mooring.