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    1. 2023-04-26

      by , 04-26-2023 at 06:32 AM
      + [f] golf scene, digging at a hole so that the next player will have an easier time on the green, it slopes down into the hole

      + [f] my son S1 is preparing a spot to sleep with piled cushions/bedding on the floor in front of a (corner?) couch

      + [final, vivid] with people in a room, there are spots where the floor is weak, there is a flooring material made of pressed bits of foam, this seems to be the reason, there are piles of it, I look at it and notice the colors of the little bits it is made up of

      get on to elevator with a guy from that room, I'm confused by the buttons, I'm looking for (the casino?), the elevator I think not only goes up and down but sideways, and is a way to transport yourself around the building/complex

      to the casino
      get off at trains, footing iffy, might fall back

      walk to an area where a tall man is, (missing teeth?), southern accent/hillbilly, I ask about the way back to the casino, he starts talking about schemes where one could buy land next to a planned development and take advantage of the increased value, but "there is a question about how close is too close"

      + walking around an office [DS], I'm surveying the cubes, trying to choose one that I'd like to sit in. They are different sizes (some super tiny) and some by the windows, but some have others sitting behind, I'm looking for one that will give me both privacy and a lot of room. My group is moving to this area, I wonder if I can choose my own cube, if it is first-come-first-served, or if there is a pre-arranged seating plan and I'll have to move to my assigned cube

      + [vague] in a gym? [DS]