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    1. 2023-04-30

      by , 04-30-2023 at 07:33 AM
      two nights ago:

      + stolen wallet (took it out of my bag, took all the cash/stuff, put the empty wallet back), in a room where a stylist / consultant is advising a client on their color range

      + riding the bridge to the city [DS], switching gears towards the top of the hill on the bridge, deva vu repeat the trip a second time and select a different path

      + conflict in the bathroom stall, group of (foreigners?) are aggressive and I tell them (in a foreign lang?) to go to the free stall next to us but they don't leave

      + moving through airport, an attendant welcomes me by name, I think they have face/biometric scanning in order to do that

      last night:
      a lot of scenes but many forgotten

      + cabin house on fire? walking around house, a bunch of people are camping out in a back yard area in the rain, in tents and in sleeping bags
      I'm really upset at losing the house but once inside I see that it's not burning

      + amusement park ride, jump to front of line, watch the ride zip around on the rails for a while

      + in a cafeteria, there are good/desirable areas and regular areas, I want the better ones but am not selected for those, walking through basic area, my foot hits a round fruit (peach?) on the floor, I sneak back into the better areas but they're closing down