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    2024-03-21 spring comp night #2

    by , 03-31-2024 at 03:14 PM (38 Views)
    day work:

    17 minutes meditation

    all-day lucid presence



    auto transcribed voice notes, pretty much trash but helps me count the # of dreams


    + in-dream WILD attempt, white rope, knots, hanging, swinging through park can't fall asleep because of obstacles

    Main earthy for stream I lay down on my back I fell asleep on my back Harri was contemplating in her piece I'm gonna fall asleep resume and play quickly and who I Dream where I met wife E kind of a recurring Dream sign and I should do some mild about we kind of got back to Catherine there was something about A Sing on a very hilly town like San Francisco what's just normal houses like cars my health's kind of at the top of the hill maybe doing something in the living room there don't really remember that I'm outside and this is kind of the main part I going to be trying to do a wild and involves There there is is a white climbing rope hanging outside of a house and it has large knots about every foot so it should be easy tdecline and the wild procedure seems to require climbing this rope and hanging from it upside down until you fall asleep I'm imagining that I'm kind of lying there on I feel sort of obviously my waking body because I like I'm lying on the ground and my head is kind of squished up in a sort of uncomfortable position Against my chest and I guess I'm thinking that if I fall asleep I may fall down off this rope into this position and that's bad I might break my neck or hurt my head if I fall into the same position onto the ground then I'm thinking how can I hook my leg around this rope so that I won't fall anything that looks like the guy who is watching this whole thing might be interested in me falling asleep and falling off and getting hurt so I kind of get up on the throat but I pulled away very far to the side And then I'm in a very wide open area like a very extensive park and I'm swinging now on this rope I let I pull it way to the side to get a big kind of swing going and I let go from so I start to swing and it's almost not really swinging it's like I'm practically flying moving horizontally quickly through this park and the idea is I have to while I'm moving on this road like this I'm swinging I need to fall asleep but the problem is that there are so many obstacles around like trees coming up ahead and laughed a kind of guide by a software around them that way and I can't really I'm not really free to fall asleep Because I'm bashing to these trees and then I reach one side of the of the swing and I kind of turned around and go back to the other direction lends the same sort of thing there are lots of people around and trees and I'm concerned about bashing into something so I can't relax enough to fall asleep to wild then

    + stairway, doorway, snap crack bullet sound, wife E argument, sad, shoes, leave

    I have like a false awakening I awake and a home that's night time and I guess I need to pee I'm I have a pass by in the front of me I don't want to go to the typical 1 there are some stairs it's interesting that I don't normally climb stairs and dreams but I paid attention to stairs yesterday and the way I can climb from awareness training And climb of like 2 or 3 very steep short dark steps and there's a door at the top and I have to get through this door but there's no handle it's only key based deadbolts on my side 2 of them and again I'm thinking well I could go the normal way or I could just go through here I guess there's like a living room on the other side I don't really know and I touch the lower lock with my finger and there's a very sharp crack sound like the door like there was an alarm or the door was shot with a bullet from the other side and that wakes app wife E and she comes and she's Uber she's very upset it's going to wake up all the people in the house and then we start arguing and she becomes very aggressive and I practically am I'm flying off the handle Like that she is still and we had like sort of a getting back together mindset earlier in the dream and now like when we saw her outside on the street and I was so happy and her after us to see cigarette smiling and she is accusing me of a go when we first met you had this grimace on your face like when you saw me I saw your reaction and just claim make me think that claims that are not true and I said no you know I remember when I met you I was a rapturous I was smiling and I have this feeling that We're headed you know not forgetting back together but we're breaking up again and it's sort of a very sad this young feeling the butt Peter my stomathe work and and it's just starting to talk about how yeah it's like we're not going to get back together I mean it says that's the gist of the conversation and it's undercurrent of my sadness and disappointment is a sense of relief as well that's why I have to leave now I need to get my shoes and I get the points or the Butler or something in the house has shines my shoes and I think well that's strange joy if I had disappointment white new balances but they are leathers oh I guess they could be shines but I don't know how that's going to work and someone's helping me find them looking at a Closer and they pick out not shoes but like a Big stock of like pizza in tortillas I just have to wear these Issues Alright And And then I wake up I'm on my back and I sort of realize oh this is so I fell asleep in the split of the last way I had that sensation and the dream that I still remembered a little bit later oh yeah I tried to wild that was kind of fun and I messed that up but Sissy couldn't he's in the act of going to the dream in the dream I have a feeling that I could do well then cause I was closer I liked it fall asleep again a little bit later I don't think I don't know anyway but I'm extremely slow vague and I'm with my condre and I'm talking asking and I'll you what's the

    + church I stump out I remember I'm in a church service with a lot of people and I stomp out I guess I've lost my faith and I stomped out of the church and I have a couple of old buttons in my hand from my guess the outfit that I'm wearing and I throw them aside but we're gonna go with this day and then discuss to get rid of these thanks maybe and then there's another system with 2 altered boys areralph Raymond and the carrying the snow prayer fantasy but the relief their giant access there's sharpens to their interpreted designs that are silver metal and they're large you know they're like the basketball slice oh yeah bowling And like I say all other things sharpened things music yeah and then there's a scene where I son S1 goes outside toward dog L I guess we're a dog I can see the scene from inside that I can see it down on the street below he walks from right to left and he hooked up a rope in a series of plastic faces to the dog who is dragging them behind them menu's gathering water or it's slowing him down or something I don't know and Yes there's cause it's kind of a final scene I remember is that there's a place in a building where you go up against the window and there's it's an aquarium and it's at an inside level and that's really cool I think I don't know maybe it's like the living room of 3HC

    + bowling

    memo 23:
    + aquarium

    I don't know anyway I gotta cut off anywhere there's a sufficiand third in order of that there is the fish the aquarium load of Volkswagen sharks are really large weird fish I brought people back a second time to look at them and then there is the bowling alley I was describing the bowling alley how the guy turned off the lane how the ball wasn't the rest of the room and the ball returned for the ball to come back I'm like a blue looking for ball a that's a good fit by fingers and thumb size and weight and they pull it out and they bowl ball and it kind of wonders around on the lane a little bit and it hits the left gutter and goes down the left gutter and I wash your grit on the left gutter and I'm thinking it's suspended up over the regular as opposed to sitting down inside it and think of the stresses on the sides of the gutter and so forth

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