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    competition #15 night #6, DILD #4!!

    by , 10-23-2013 at 03:31 PM (837 Views)
    kiss induced lucid dream (I don't like the accompanying abbreviation, though!). Seem to be a technique I'm developing....

    00:00 Weds 2013-10-23

    01:28 bedtime, argh, way off schedule.
    1) Flying. I’m standing on a tall hill and I take a few quick steps and launch myself into the air, arms stretched out in front of me. Slow gliding. I see beautiful, vivid, high definition, golden sparkling grasses far below, amidst golden hills (WL, saw green grass sparkling unexpectedly in the sun, blown by the wind out the window at work). I look at the beauty below me and feel the magic of flying. I’m amazed. I say, “Oh, Yeah!”. I see two rotating golden disks (large) on the ground ahead, and I spiral down to meet them. The disks are like coins that were spun on their sides and now are rotating around about to flatten out against the ground. Someone’s sitting on the disks? Wife asks “why can’t the boy sambo?”

    2) Swiss army knife & chase. I’m in a place with a guy and on a counter/shelf are 3 swiss army knives. The one on the left has a special bumpy/shiny case, and had blades outside the case as well as inside. I ask “hey is that the one with the saw?” “What is the one with the two blades and the saw and the file? Is that the Mark-3, the Mark-5, or the Mark-7? I used one in boy scout camp with the file, the saw, and the two blades.” I see the guy who designed the Mark-7. I say “I love that knife, every time there was a branch in my way I would saw that thing right off.” The designer and another guy start chasing me, he’s chastising me for cutting off branches. I say “they were dead already! Only on dry, dead wood!” He’s trying to fight/bash/damage me.

    3) I’m flying DO high over a ski hill, flying up the hill. I look down and see a bunch of skiers, I know them. They are supposed to stop when they reached the bottom of the beginner’s hill. My view turns at the top and stops and looks at them skiing down the hill. One friend of younger son had only one foot properly fastened into a ski. I think we should have taught them how to stop hockey-style, feet parallel. But instead of stopping at the bottom of the baby hill they continued down the advanced big hill. I was concerned that they would crash.

    F1) I see Chinese guy sitting on ground against a wall his legs drawn up to his chest. I say “hey, didn’t you used to be in charge of all media?” He said he’s not any more.

    F2) walking through a city

    F3) a fight about a demonstration

    F4) something about my sister.

    There was way more leading up to F1, but it slipped away. Long sequence.

    06:30 – 07:30: WBTB
    09:05 DILD #4! First LD in city in shared bed! Woohoo!
    4) Sitting in a car, a Ford Fairmont (old family childhood car), red interior, I imagine the insignia on the car is a Cadillac logo. I’m thinking that the neighbors will not like that we’re bringing a second car into the shared parking area. Especially such an obviously American car. I was trying to put on my sweat pants while sitting in the car, my sneakers were on, I thought that will stretch the pants and get the pants insides dirty. I parked the car far away, on the other side of a large area from the house, I think “wait a minute, I’ll take this car into work today, because it’s a second car.” I plan to drive right up to our front door and park in the parking area there and get myself ready for work and go into work. I get back in the car and get ready to drive it. A couple of girls are standing just outside the driver’s window. They’re talking. Apparently they’re muslims. One has done something nasty and is going to be expelled because she has offended allah. One of them is in the driver’s seat and I’m in the back seat, and it’s time to back up, the car starts backing up. I think “this is not safe, I can’t reach the brake pedal from here.” I climb into the front seat together with the girl and reach for the brake pedal with my foot. We’re backing up. She’s enjoying it she thinks it’s a fun thing to drive. She’s smiling. We’re driving on the road in reverse, I think this is a bad idea, I look behind and turn the wheel of the car to the right, I look outside the back of the car and a man is standing on the road. There are boxes piled up around him. Then we’re driving forwards. Now we’re sitting in the back of the Ford Fairmont station wagon. She’s wearing “skinny jeans” and her feet are pulled up to the seat, I look at her legs. I lightly touch her leg. Then I look at her. She’s a beautiful young lady. She is sitting to my left, I’m turned facing her with my left arm around her neck, her head is resting at my elbow in the crook of my arm, it’s an intimate and tender pose. I look at her and think she is beautiful. Very vivid, totally life-like vivid, high definition and clear (“more real than RL”). I lean over and kiss her. Short, light, but more than a peck, about 2-3 seconds. I feel her lips on mine. I think “I’m dreaming,” and realize I AM dreaming! I pull back and with open eyes, I’m amazed, I’m a bit surprised, a quick moment of shock, it’s so life-like. Vision is bright and clear. I look back at the girl’s face, her eyes are closed, she has a bit of mascara on, her lashes are dark black. She is radiantly beautiful, shining practically, lit in the sun. Pure and beautiful. I glance out the front windshield of the car, we’re driving through a vague wooded area, the outside of the car is fuzzy: plants, trees go by. There is no driver. I am ecstatic, overwhelmed with that feeling of young love. I can’t think of what to do, I ponder for a moment and then say/think “take off your pants” and wake up, fairly fast transition, not much time to respond with a spin. I’m lying still in bed with closed eyes, think about attempting DEILDing back in but decide to record instead. Total lucid time: 10-15 seconds.
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    1. Sensei's Avatar
      Good job! Sounds like a fun LD. You should be able to just get better and better from here. More and more consistent. Keep it up!