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    LD #253 (sexy time), mushrooms & Sensei

    by , 08-24-2020 at 04:03 PM (50 Views)

    + Green hills against a blue sky

    + Entering a barbershop in a city that I "know" is actually all a large film set. I'm amazed at the accurate life-like lighting. I catch a reflection of a "wrinkled" section of the dome covering the set that is supposed to be a sky.

    + I see the remnants of large (meter-long), wilted/old mushrooms lying about outside, draped over the base of statues/monuments. I know that Sensei has been finding these mushrooms. I find a fresh meter-long mushroom and I'm going to (give it to Sensei?).

    Brief MILD at 5-ish hour waking. Stubborn back to sleep with tongue relaxation (my new favorite relaxation focus, in addition to the classical eye/jaw, all-body relaxation).

    + Enter a men's bathroom, and there's a cleaning lady there, so I leave. She follows me and accuses me of taking pictures of here and comes after me. I insist that I was not taking pictures, bring out my mobile phone to show her, bring up the photos, and there were tons of pictures of her, so I admit that yeah, I guess I was taking pictures of her.

    + Walking down a road and encounter a woman lying there (the cleaning lady?). I engage for sexy time. I realize as I'm doing this that I'm dreaming.
    Our legs are tangled and it's very awkward. I sort of pretend that things are going as hoped. I tell her to say <something sexy>. She blurts out in response "EIGHT O'CLOCK!".
    I'm looking down at her body and wondering about stability, but the dream is stable enough for a short while

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