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    slow recall early morning, made up for it with late morning BTB / nap. Room too cold. Incubation!

    by , 10-05-2013 at 07:28 PM (591 Views)
    2013-10-04 (day city, night country alone)

    exercise: weights & 30 mins cardio
    01:07 bedtime
    02:41 (still trying to fall asleep? Didn't seem so long, maybe slept and woke up)
    In a car. Cars were parking but crashing into buildings on right side of road up against the stores.

    Riding down a sandy hill on a (motorbike? bicycle?)

    walking/riding down a dark road, half muddy on the right. I'm following some people, I ask "does anybody want to get the newspaper?". Someone coming up behind me on a bicycle, meeting us there. Nobody responding to me.

    04:02 MILD based on last scenes
    08:21 woke earlier, had some recall, didn't get it recorded. Woke up, read in bed.
    11:12 trying for a nap

    My cat turned almost entirely white. 80% of her lower body. Head and chest area is still colored correctly. I'm very confused, trying to think how this could have happened. I'm concerned it might be sick. I look at the fur and I run my hand through her short white fur backwards (from tail to head), I see the texture of her fur, looks realistic. Handed the cat to someone, here comfort her. The cat was batting a kitten's face. It was trying to get the kitten to do something. I was astonished that the cat was making intricate gestures with her paws (fingers?) to try to get the other kitten to do something. The kitten was slghtly sticking out its tongue. I mimiced these movements, like a "come here" gesture hooking a finger, first one way, then with the finger upside down. Imagined petting my cat while falling asleep at nap.

    In a house with a crazy family, "Don't wake up uncle John," sitting on a couch in that house. Turns out it was the mother who was big fat and crazy. I see them emerge from a room above the living room.

    Swimming pool down below me. Water polo, the coach had been fired. They're playing a game in the pool, coach bad-mouthed someone. There are a lot of kids in the pool, it's pretty full. A ball or something flies up and hits me? The young guy who has the ball in the water polo game stands up, he's working really hard to do something, physically,

    At a large party in a large open house / atrium. There's an annoying guy in a blue suit. I pass him and say something about "blue man." He and his friends make some joke about me and start cracking up, he's literally ROTFL. I think shooting an arrow through his head or his heart to see how he'd laugh, then. I ignore them.

    Teeth falling out. A bunch of teeth were falling out, went into bathroom, confused at what was heppening, I'm trying to put them back in, I feel the empty spot in my mouth with my tongue. Someone's bothering me while I'm trying to put them back in.

    Walking by some woman, trying to push my way by. I had walked by her earlier and told her some numbers. There had been a show downstairs, (and a room near the show, where there was a teenage orgy?) where schoolkids were lined up sitting on top of a very wide 3-foot-high storage cabinet, each little spot had two holes. The kids were supposed to do a little presentation, say something to the kids in the room in order to prompt the kids in the room to come out and look at them, and then disappear down the hole into the cabinet, hidden, and the older kids in the orgy room were supposed to come out and wonder where the little kids went. A teacher arrives with a line of other little kids to perform on the cabinet (or watch). They said some numbers. The woman who stopped me said, "were those the same numbers that you told me before?" She (and I) was amazed that I had predicted the future with these numbers.

    Woman in a nurse outfit, dressed up as an actor/performer. Outside on a street. She was going around getting people to sign up for her show.

    With WW, watching an opera performance in a (cafe? room?). I see the singers keep entering the stage enter and sing. They look like 19th century fancy people. I see their hair. Sitting right in front of a stage. It had to do with speaking English, and rich people could get on the Concorde (airplane). Stewardesses said there still were some seats left, going to (Paris?).

    Woke up slowly, still felt groggy, like I could have slept more, but decided to get up so as not to ruin the sleep schedule. Tried a bit of FILD. Thought of ping pong as a relaxation (first person view more relaxing), thinking about the sound as well as the visuals. Lots of little dreamlets, one which i brought back after fading briefly, they vanish when I focus on them.

    Room was too cold at night, couldn't relax. Slept way better for nap once I put on warm socks.

    Seeing scenes of dreams I saw many years ago and had forgotten as I'm falling asleep.

    Stay positive about sleep!

    Cat, and other parts of dreams came from incubation thoughts!

    I wish I could have become lucid, so I could lightsaber chop the laughing blue man in half .

    Late morning REMs are long and recall is great at this time!

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