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    SSEC2016 (Comp) night #7 2016-04-17 3D 1F 1LD LD#181 pts: 16.5

    by , 04-17-2016 at 11:30 AM (515 Views)
    Nice & early bed time. Set strong intention to have interesting and meaningful dreams, and to remember my dreams.

    + (D1) I'm flying / floating high in the air above a bridge, and I'm falling down towards it. I can somewhat control my direction and I'm aiming to land on the walkway of the bridge. I hope I don't miss it! I end up scooting down a long hill and at the bottom I see my ex-GF SB [DREAM SIGN] and her former BF, S(K?). Being all magnanimous, even though I want to go hug SB, I first go up to SK and hold out my hand for a handshake. At this time I hear SB say something like, "Oh, hi, <my name>". Hm, I was expecting a more enthusiastic greeting after not having seen each other all these years. (I get a long hug from her?) She's way shorter than I remember [she was short to begin with]. [Day residue: I saw a very short girl in the evening and thought of SB, trying to remember who was shorter].

    + (D2) ... some stuff going on, then... I find myself in a beautiful isolated spot on the open road. I think I'm on a bicycle: something open to the air. A straight black-top, two-lane highway with a dotted yellow line down the middle extends in front of me, hidden by the rising curve of a hill just up ahead of me. What gets my attention is the beauty of the situation: I feel the wind on my face, and smell the scent of the earth. It is bright daylight with a blue sky and I sense greenery around me, rising hills of grass perhaps, in my peripheral vision. This is what it's all about, right here -- the freedom of the open road. And I don't even have to experience it on a motorcycle, here I am on a bicycle! But, to return to this place from where I live [FALSE], it's a very long ride on a bike. What if I were on a motorcycle? I'd have a helmet on. I could reach up and flip down the visor. I do so and a transparent visor comes down in front of my vision. I can see through it fairly well, but I also see the visor material. I can still feel the wind and the scent of the earth coming to me up inside the helmet I'm now wearing.

    I'm now on a motorcycle [DREAM SIGN], a new one . It doesn't seem to be running, but I'm approaching a long, steep hill leading down in front of me [DREAM SIGN]. I remember my training, and first apply the rear brake with my right foot. It doesn't do too much. So I squeeze the right hand brake, making sure not to apply too much too fast to prevent the front wheel from locking up. I then apply some more rear brake pressure, and the motorcycle eventually comes to a stop.

    Up ahead of me are some buildings. I'm now holding a newspaper, there are articles in here from old-timers, something to do about the (dangers? benefits?) of alcohol. Someone wants to suppress their opinions. As I go, [for some reason!?], I start tearing out chunks of the newspaper and eating it[!!]. I do this several times.

    I'm now in some sort of office, young women are bustling about, it's a newspaper office? There is a story about a black man who died (was killed?), who had a white wife and kid, he was a well-known chocolatier.

    + (F1) Walking along a road, suburban neighborhood, one old man walking his dog meets another old man standing with his dog at the end of his driveway. They greet, they know each other, the dogs get tangled, then they kiss each other on the cheek and then give a quick peck right on the lips. The walking man moves on.

    + (D3) I'm at a gas station, getting gas for my motorcycle. It has a detachable large gas tank, like a large long oxygen tank or the tanks used to hold helium at balloon stores. I'm pumping the gas into the tank and it stops and I want to start it again but I can't figure out how, I wasn't paying attention before. There are levers to push and dials to twist. I eventually figure out that the gas dispensing works from the knob with a kitchen-timer-like control: you twist the knob, choosing an amount of gas that you want, the numbers of the amounts are set on the dial with little marks, like the marks showing the numbers on the dial of a combination lock. I keep twisting it, it starts running and dispensing gas, it reaches zero, and I twist it again to get more. I shake the tank a few times to see how full it is, it's heavy but definitely only about half full.

    There is now a line of people behind me and they're getting annoyed that I'm taking so long. I pull the tank back to my motorcycle and (put it back? think about how to put it back?). There's a control interface on the tank, a small black circle with a doohickey that falls off and down inside?

    + (LD #181) ... some stuff, then I'm in a small office with glass walls [DREAM SIGN] to the outside, like in a stip-mall. It's a police office. A young short blonde woman comes in, she's completely drenched soaking wet like she's been out in a downpour for a long time without an umbrella. She wants to tell the police woman something but the police woman is busy on the phone. So she turns to me and tells me to pass on the message that she found her wallet after all and so to cancel the missing wallet report. I have a vague recollection that I remember her from earlier in the dream and that I remember that she had lost her wallet [false?]. She says she is from Alabama, and writes down the message with her address (I see "Alabama"?), I listen to her speech but don't detect a southern accent. She leaves. The police woman eventually gets off the phone and I give her the message about the wallet and she says "good."

    Then I'm riding in a car with the police woman. She's driving, and I'm for some reason down sitting almost under the steering wheel (a little bit to the passenger side of it. I have my knees on the floor and I'm leaning up against the woman with my head against her chest. (Her shirt is open? No breasts visible though). I look up into her face and see her eyes and eye brows, she has a bit of a Latina look to her.

    Then I start telling her about my motorcycle dream. About how vivid and clear it was, about the beauty of the open road. I ask her, "Have you ever had a dream where you knew you were dreaming while in the dream?" She nods indicating yes. All the while that we've been talking, I've worked my hand up her skirt, and hold it up against her privates there for a long time, feeling the shape of her body. I wonder if she'll object but she doesn't, but I don't make many movements. "Awesome!" I say. "I think that I heard that they call this 'lucid dreaming'". I of course know what it is, but for some reason am trying to hide my intimate knowledge of the subject from her. "I also have lucid dreams. When you are lucid in a dream, what do you do?" .

    She stops the car studdenly and gets out, with a horrified expression on her face like I've done something glastly. "Does your family know you lucid dream?" she asks? "No," I answer..."Uh, yeah, my kids do..."

    We've stopped in front of a (school? some building with people inside). The woman goes off to another building across the street and I hear her making a verbal report on me, like she's putting on a APB on me she says my last name (I don't remember telling her my name?), and that I'm on a red motorcycle. Hah, good luck finding me, I think, I haven't had that motorcycle in years.

    I'm riding down the road, it dips down and there's some stuff on the right. Then it crests in a hill and there's a sudden very steep down hill stretch of road right in front of me [DREAM SIGN] I drive down it and I pick up a lot of speed. At the bottom there are intersections crossing the road, there's no way I can stop, I don't even reach for the brakes, but there's no cross traffic, thankfully.

    Up ahead I hear the sound of children playing. The road becomes an intersection which becomes a play room, a common play room for like an apartment building. There are lots of small children playing there, with mothers and older sisters watching them. All the kids are playing with wooden toy trains on little wooden train tracks [like I had]. They're moving the trains about in figure 8's and I think they're learning about traffic safety when the trains reach the intersections on the tracks. I move back and forth between two rooms, watching the children. I wonder that the mothers haven't complained or noticed me, an unknown person, being here. A little girl comes up and sort of falls into me, and I give her a hug. As I let her go she sort of adorably plops down falling on her butt then moves away.

    There are some hot moms here...I tell myself "If I were lucid and dreaming right now....HEY! I'm pretty sure I'm dreaming, and I take a big breath preparing to do a nose pinch. Yup, I can breathe. I stand up, forgetting my surroundings, and walk forwards into the next
    room. I immediately think "OK, time for ToTM." But nothing comes to mind. Well, if there are no ToTMs to do right now...

    Spoiler for sexy time:

    I wake up.
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      Congratulations FM! And to get an "If I were dreaming right now" DILD!! Awesome!! Glad to hear that you are over the jet lag, it always bums me out that you have to go through that.

      Here's to many more!
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