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    SSEC2016 (Comp) night #8 2016-04-18 10D 1F WBTB pts: 12.5

    by , 04-18-2016 at 08:28 AM (280 Views)
    Now that's what I'm talking about. Night full of dreams, lots of girl stuff

    + (D1) sexy time, talk dirty to her, she starts giving me directions like it's a class, tells me to turn her on via talk, I say "I love every part of your body", think that was a mistake, she indeed asks, "Even the poopy parts?"

    + (F1) Cleaning up outside around the pool after a big party. Lots of bottles I'm picking them up one by one, then I decide I should get a box or a large plastic bag, that will make picking them up much faster

    + (D2) Driving the car through the large gate. Other cars and I are inside a huge courtyard, some cars look like they may be driving up over the bridge to get out but there are about 10 steps leading up and I don't want to drive up the steps. A guy comes and looks like he's going to open the gate for us to drive out, then my view switches to the outside and I'm watching him still open the gate

    + (D3) washing machine [DREAM SIGN], looking at the laundry with my sister, she recognizes a piece of cloth from our childhood [FALSE], I say yeah I use it as a tablecloth now. Water splashes into the room from the open window, I go and see the neighbor next door (we're on the 2nd floor) in her driveway spraying/watering with a hose, I close the window. The floor is flooded with about 3-4 inches of water, I'm trying to decide what to do this will probably start leaking to the apartment below us, then I notice a drainage hose on the wall by the floor, I go down and look at it, (narrator says?) it's for draining the floor so that it doesn't leak through the floor, the thing is electronic and has a weird operation like a siphon, I watch it work for a while. Then I get up and the watering woman next door has an upside down toad that shoots out its long, sticky tongue and catches and eats a dangerous wasp. She loves toads and has a number of ceramic toads on the fence.

    + (D4) Observing hot girls (short hot shorts on one, whew!) (in childhood home's parent's bedroom?), go into closet for privacy and start "some stuff," leave the door open a crack, some kids see me and slam the door shut, it's still open enough, they come and stick their heads through the cracks and I try to push them back, scene changes to my backyard [FALSE], my kids come by and accuse me of something and I adamantly deny that I did anything wrong.

    + (D5) yellow cadillac, riding with wife in new car, congratulate her on the good purchase, where are the keys to the yellow caddy, drive by our house [FALSE] with (my wife's mother sitting at the window?), pick up free grapefruit slices from a neighbor's front yard, wife throws away the white grapefruit saying it's bad for you, wife drives away on a motorcycle I'm running after her, she turns a corner to the left and rides directly into a large parked van, she bounces off of it like it was rubber and flips through the air back to me about 30 feet, I laugh at this funny scene but am concerned she might be hurt, she gets up and looks at me and says "I fell asleep!"

    + (D6) life-n-death fight, guy stabs me to start (it hurts!), I grapple with him, calling (to Sensei?) for help, immobilize his arms so he can't stab me any more, then I slice him to ribbons with using the edge of a DVD. I throw him over a railing and he falls about 100 feet to the ground, I see him hit, and I think "Oh, great, his body will probably fade away, and appear here on this level again to keep fighting." Indeed his body fades, he materializes alive on this level, I go over to him and say threateningly "You want to keep going?" He holds up his hands to indicate no, he doesn't.

    My attention moves to a woman standing nearby at the railing. She's not that attractive but I know that doesn't matter.
    Spoiler for sexy time a bit of scat:
    Spoiler for sexy time a bit of scat:

    WBTB: wake, review dreams so far, set intention, do relaxing breathing and visualizations, "let go," long time falling asleep again, but fall asleep and have a series of short dreams:

    + (D7) little farm, 2 workers, strong smell of manure, animals put to bed under blue blankets, I have a blue blanket over me, it's from the piglet stall in front of me, I put the blanket back on them, and look at one and can't figure out which side has the eyes/face.

    + (D8) an amazingly beautiful girl is reciting something outside with people sitting around her. I realize that there are situations that I can control. I raise my hand and will her to come to me to see if this is one of those times, and amazingly enough, she walks right over to me.
    Spoiler for sexy time (intent):

    + (D9) In some sort of industrial/business setting, there is a talk about driver's insurance going on. The speaker is saying it will even allow/cover people over 50. The talk ends, and a man standing to his left sees me, I realize we know each other tangentially [FALSE], he's about late 50's with a wispy moustache, I don't particularly want to talk to him, but he comes up to me and offers a hand shake, I take it but he uses a strange grip and grasps my right forearm [DREAM SIGN] instead of my hand. He asks me "how'd your day been." I think about all of the interesting [dream!?] experiences I've had this morning, and say, "It's been really interesting!"

    + (D10) I'm (a teenager?) in a family with a bunch of other kids/teens. I'm trying to figure out if I belong. The kids are walking around. I want to get one of the girl teens into my room but the door won't close. I go into another room where there's an (infant?) in a crib, and decide to make acquaintence with the family, and go up to her and say "what's your name?", she answers "Ella." I look to the left and there's an older teen girl sitting on the chair, she says her name is "Ella," too! I say "NOOO! Too many Ellas!" I think they always get confused about whom they're talking about. She's cute though, and I think if I could try some sexy stuff with her. I think though it may not work with her.

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