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    1. First Lucid!

      by , 10-27-2011 at 04:02 PM
      I was sitting in a class room at my school when i realized the black kid from victorious was next to me. i got all happy cause i watch that show (lol) we kinda talked for a while. he then pulled out his phone. this phone was HUGE looked like a mini computer. i couldn't read any of the words of pictures on it. he then wanted my number. i got all stoked so i typed my name in and my number. then i walked in to this other room were Victoria justice was at. i tried to talk to her but she thought i was just some creep. so i went back into the other room. i sat back down in my seat but the black kid was about to watch some thing about mw3. i looked at the screen and now i was in some place ive never seen before. i was in a warehouse place and i was sitting down. then these 2 guys came out and were shooting at this alien thing. i stood up and walked over to the dead alien. it looked like a squid or something like that. i walked out of the ware house and that black kid was with me now. It felt like a video game now. so we walked down this road for a while and hid from some trucks and what not. then i thought i needed a weapon. i saw a cop car driving really slow. i ran fast towards it. he stopped and got out. but i jumped on him and took his tomahawk he had and sliced him up. i looked over and saw a army truck release some lions after us. me and the kid took off into the forest ahead. after running for a little we stopped in this little picnic area. there were a few people there. i saw a truck and wanted to drive it. i walked towards it but the owner was sitting down close by with a gun. i remembered i had the tomahawk and got it and was gona throw it but for some reason i couldn't. so i just charged at the guy. he tryed to shoot but missed. i tryed to stab his belly but the tomahawk is now a just a little knife that is broke. he had my in a choke hold now. he was trying to shoot my head and thats when i realized i was dreaming.after telling my self i was dreaming i just stood up and the guy sat there. i told my self i was dreaming a couple more times. things started to get blurry so i rubbed my hands together and things were back to normal. i turned around and there was now a big nice truck behind me. i hoped in and started it up. i drove around a little drifting it and what not. then i saw my friend again riding a bike looking pissed. i asked whats wrong and he didint say anything. then i remembered i always wanted to drive a wrx sti in my dreams so i tried to spawn one up and failed. i tryed again and failed.i was now at a shopping center somewhere, i dont know how i got here but i knew i was dreaming but couldn't try to control anything. i was still looking for a wrx. i was by this skate boarding shop looking in the parking lot and saw off to the right there was a ton of cops doing something i got scared if i stole a car they would catch me then i told my self i was in a dream and all was good. these two guys came out and asked what i was doing and i said looking for a car to drift around. the said foolw me so we went to this other store and walked in the back and one guy said here ya go and there was a w wall of just car parts. i told then i need a car not the parts and he said ohh and we all started to walk out then i turned around to one of the guys and asked him if he knew what lucid dreaming and he said yea. then i said well were all in my dream right now. he stopped and was like OHHHHHHHH and then i walked out of the store. i looked thought the parking lot for the wrx or any car i can drift at this point. then i saw a nice Porsche like car and ran over to it but i couldn't run now. i didnt know what to do. thats when i lost lucidity. i just stood there looking at the car then a black guy gets in it and i was all pissed and then he drives off. but the sounds the car made sounded like a little kid then i saw a huge blonde hair kid with goggles on make a car noises then i woke up.

      Next time i have a lucid dream i want to practice some dream control.
      memorable , lucid
    2. train crash

      by , 10-26-2011 at 02:34 AM
      i was in some room with a whole bunch of people. were were in the army. the person next to me was my friend bryson. he was talking about this new helmet he had to get cause he lost his old one. i took the helmet off my head and looked at the name tag inside. it said brysons name(didnt even thing to do a RC). i asked some random kid next to me to go with me to get a new helmet. i was now walking next to a train with my mom. there was a truck in the middle of the road. i watched the train mash the truck then smash in another train going perpendicular. the crash was really gnarly. big boom. then me and my mom ran back to this steel building that burnt. there was a ton of computers and my mom was taking parts from the computer and planning to take then. i went into this small office and saw a microphone u can plug into the computer. i wanted to take it but i didint. i then opened a door on the desk and saw a ton of pens. i was looking thought them and noticed how cool the designs on them were. my mom started to walk out of the building. i ran out with her then woke up.
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. saving some girl

      by , 10-19-2011 at 10:50 PM
      i was in some football field. my german teacher was there making a kids stand up trees. but these trees you could shoot massive arrows from them. i watched the arrows and wanted to shoot one. but i walked away from all that and was now floating down a ricer. i was in a little canoe and this other girl was on a float thing. we were going down the river fast but the river was on a highway. it seemed the highway flooded or something. we floated for a while untill it started getting fast and i was pretty scared since i hate rivers lol i jumped out of the boat and swam to the side. i then noticed that girl was gone so i swam back and couldnt find her then i looked under water. there she was stuck in a red car. i knew i had to save her so i dove under water and pulled out some keys i tryed to unlock the door but i ran out of breath so i swam back towards the surface i then dove back down. i saw her face and hoe scared she look. i carefully put the key int the lock and turned it. i then woke up.....i guess i will never know if i ever saved her
    4. mw3

      by , 10-17-2011 at 02:07 PM
      i was playing mw3 in the middle of the desert. there was a floating tv for me to play on. there also was a electricity guy behind my working on my internet. i started a game were it was half muti player then in the game it became dark and became zombies. i was playing for a little then it bacame dark and zombies started to come everwere. i felt like i was really in the game now. i ran around and started blasting there heads off. all my team mates have now died. it was just me now. there was a massive hoard of zombies following me know. i jumped on some steam thing. they all jumped in to. i killed almost all of them. the stream carried all the way around the map. when i came back around to the front of the map were the last couple zombies were. i killed them. i was know back in the desert with that guy. i asked him were he got the game and he smiled and said were do you think. i looked on the case and it said Canada. my mom was now there and i told her that next coD that comes out im ordering it from Canada. the she said she didnt know anybody that lived there then i said Shawn.(he is a friend of mine that died a while ago and lives in Colorado) she said alright. i wanted to ask the electricity guy if i could buy the game from him but i never did.

      random fragment from last night
      i was walking up to my school cause i wanted a name tag. i walked up some weird stairs that ive never seen before. i was also eating something. i was confronted by some old lady. i said sorry i know im not allowed to eat in the school. then she said no no its ok. we then had a little conversation about school rules.
    5. breaking into someones house.

      by , 10-15-2011 at 08:03 PM
      i was out side someones house with some some friends. it was dark. we walked in the house and went to the garage. we started thrashing the place. i then walked into the computer room. and was looking at the computer screen. i wanted to jack it but i didnt. i then asked somebody whos house this is. he said nikoos. i looked at the front door ans saw him walking up with his mom to the front door. i went and hid in the kitchen. his mom saw my Friends and got really pissed. nikoo walked over to me and then told his mom to look the other way so we can get out. i ran out to his back yard. i looked back and saw my friends running out of the house (skip) we were in the same area but there was a nice car sitting in the middle of the street. we decided to take out the super charger from the car. we spent a few minutes taking it out and we took of with it down the road. i then heard a person yelling at us and had a feeling we were being chased. i then woke up.
    6. germany

      by , 10-14-2011 at 01:51 PM
      i was in a little lake thing. the water was very blue and there was a forest around me. looked like Hawaii but in the dream i thought it was Germany. my friend bryson was in the water with me. we walked alittle bit then a guy showed up and started to talk about all the fish and animals in and around the water. we started to walk to another pool of water when a shark then bit me. i ran back into the smaller pool. he bit my hand again, but it didnt hurt. so i just was letting him bite me and i was just messin around. then that guy told me and bryson to strt picking up dead bodies. we went over to a tunnel and then we were on top of a cliff with a dirt road leading down. at the top of the road there was a car split in half. the driver said cmon hurry. so i jumped in to the car. we were now going fast down this road. drifting all the corners. when we reached the bottom he dissapered. we were back at the pond but on the other side. i asked how we supposed to get back and i heard someone says cris's boat. that went i saw a huge boat floating in the water. there was a guy on it. i told him thats a huge boat. he said yeah but u can only fit 7 people on here. i saw he was towing a HUGE coooler infront of the boat. i told him it looked funny. he didnt say anything. i dont remember anything else from the dream.
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. camping and store

      by , 10-10-2011 at 01:36 AM
      Dream 1

      i was out camping with my family. i was out by this hill with my moms bf gene. we were watching all these people try to climb this muddy in hill in trucks. me and gene slide down the hill a little bit. he floored it back up the hill, i got scared and jumped out of the truck and went back in to the camper nearby. i walked in to the living room area and then i saw a big fat girl laying on the ground. i was looking at her but everything was all fuzzy and blurry. i turned around and layed down on a couch and fell asleep. i was driving down a road and i keep asking if i was dreaming and some girl said yea. but i never became lucid

      dream 2

      i was at some store with my mom. we walked in and to my left was a friend i knew. i flipped her off and walked away(lol). my mom got mad at me then told me we needed some candy. we walked over to the candy aisle. there was only like 3 kinds of candy, the looked like kit kats. we needed a half a pound. i put some candy in and my mom added a whole bunch more. i picked the bag up and told her it was way more than a pound. she got all pissed so i walked of to the slushy machine. it looked like syringes filled with slushy stuff. there was bright colors everywhere. i started to walk back to my mom then i saw a guy looking at me then i woke up
    8. war

      by , 10-06-2011 at 01:49 PM
      So i was in some house up in the mountains.i walked around and saw ma old man sitting in a chair. for some reason it felt like i knew him and i wasnt scared or anyhting. i was there for a little then he said lets get in the car and we started to drive down the mountain. he ended up at some factory were the press stuff together. he droped me off and left. i just wandered around there for a little while. then i had the feeling i need to leave so i just jumped on to some random semi in this shop and drove away. next thing i know im in this jungle like area in a war. this was the most vivid part of the dream. i was in a big group walking by some lake. then some one yelled open fire. i saw a huge gruop of enemy's coming across some trail ahead of us. i started shooting at them. it was really cool actually. i ran out of ammo and asked a few people for a clip. then we hiked for a little more then the trail narrowed and there were a ton of bad guys around the corner. i was randomly shooting then i saw a bad guy seeking up behind me. i turned and blew his face off. there was so much blood and guts. then i saw people retreating. i ran into the lake next to the commander guy. i told him i didnt want to die yet. then i asked him were was my bullet proof vest. i dont remember what he said. then i got scared and took off. i wanted to go back to that old guys house but i didnt have a car. so i just ran up into the mountains i keep running and running then i woke up
    9. riding and forest

      by , 10-04-2011 at 01:40 PM
      Dream 1

      i was driving out to this place called rabbit valley with a few friends. we were going out there to ride dirt bikes. when we got there we unloaded and went riding(skip)we were loading up when i realized someone was missing. his bike was still here. we loaded it up and went home. i was now at some house. i was talking my mom all about riding. i walked up to the garage way and was looking at the grass. it looked so familiar, but i have never seen this house befor. the next door neighbor started to talk to me about something then i dont remember anything else.

      Dream 2

      i was in some forest with a ton of other people. i think it was some sort of party. i wanted to leave for some reason so i started walking out of the forest. i eventually found my way out. i walked back to my house. then my friend showed up in his car. he then showed me his subs and i got in the back seat and we started to drive around. then we ended up back in that forest place. we stopped and talked to people then we drove out again. it felt like i was driving even though i was in the back seat.(skip)i was once again back in that forest. i was walking out again when some chick wanted me to give her a ride home. i told her i didnt have a car. she walked up and tryed to kiss me but i didn't let her. i walked away and then woke up.
    10. job.

      by , 09-30-2011 at 10:10 PM
      i was out in some parking lot walking to my new job. i was holding a baseball helmet. when i walked in i put the helmet on and randomly started to walk around. i went over to the gaming area and just stood there for a while. i got bored and didnt know what i was supposed to do so i walked back out to the parking lot to some car. there was some people saying i will get fired if i dont go back in. so i walked back into the place. this time the place was a fancy dinner eatery. i still had the helmet in my hands. i walked around for just a little then i saw the manager. i stopped him and asked him what i should do. he said go work the kitchen. i was now in the kitchen. i had some dirty cover all in my hand.(no clue how the got there) so i threw them in a corner, same with the helmet. i walked over to a counter and just watched some people wok. then i started to cut some spring rolls with salad in them. i did that for about a minute then someone said i was not good at that and i nned to go serve people. i waited for some food so i can go serve some people then i woke up
    11. subaru wrx

      by , 09-27-2011 at 04:47 PM
      i was at a pawn shop with my mother. we walked tho this back gate to this area were all the cars are held. there was a Subaru wrx there that i really really wanted to drive in real life. my mom walked over and said lets go. i said will dusty get mad?(he is the owner of the car) the she replyed. but i dont remember what she said. i got in the car and started it. i got very happy that i finally get to drive this car. we drove off from the area out in to the town. when i noticed how awesome the motor sounded but the blow off valve on the car was very quiet. also when i shifted it was so perfect. the shifter moved nice and smooth in to gear. after driving for a while i ended up at a friends house, but this house wasnt really his. we got out of the car to go talk. me and my mom talked to my friend and his dad about something i dont remember then i decided to open up the hood of the car. i opened it and looked at the engine. i remember the turbo was like half the engine and had its one belt drive. then my friend pulled the belt of the turbo. i got all pissed and started to fix it. i kept calling him a dumb son of a bitch. then i woke up
      non-lucid , memorable
    12. collecting cans

      by , 09-26-2011 at 10:16 PM
      I was riding my bike from somewere to a friends house. i was going tho the ghetto and i saw a house with 100s of cans in there front yard. i told my self that im going to come back and get those.

      Im now at my friends house and im telling him about the cans, he said i needed to wait till 2maro. there was 4 other people at this house. 2 little girls, 17 year old kid and 16 year old black kid. i remember just walking around the house for a little bit then i think i went to sleep in the dream.

      i was now one a bed in that same house. one of the little girls was in the room just standing up. i was about to walk out of the room but i saw the black kid was humping his bed. i was laughing as hard as i could then i left the room. i walked though the house to the back yard were my friend and the other kid was at. i was telling the other kid that i woke up early and went for a bike ride.(which i do not remember) i walked back to thw side of the house. there was a big lifted truck and a whole bunch of junk. i told them we should get those cans now. the other kid started to randomly load this yellow dirt bike on the truck. it made sense then but in real life it doesn't. after that we left to go look for the house with the cans. i dont remember much from when were driving. but i do know that i couldn't really remember where the house with the cans was.

      We ended up at some very nice area with nice houses. me, my friend, and some women were walking on a lawn. then some crazy old man came up and was trying to run us over. we ran to the houses and just yelled at us. i saw some people building some houses near by. i walked over and saw some cans in the dirt. i went over to them and started to crush them. this women said it wouldn't matter but i said every one counts. i put the cans in the back of the truck which was now there. we all got in and started to drive.
      non-lucid , memorable
    13. on a planet, then on earth

      by , 09-25-2011 at 03:06 PM
      I was sky diving from some plane or ship and i can hear someone saying i needed to pull my parachute or i will die. i pulled the parachute and started to float down to the ground. the parachute was super small. when i touched the ground, i saw a couple other people around me. then a girl on a snow board comes flying past me. thats when i noticed that this place was all snow capped and very cold. i didn't feel cold tho. now my dream was playing out as a movie. i followed the chick on the snow board. she came up over a hill and did some trick thing and crashed. then all of a sudden i was standing next to her and just staring at the ground.
      I was now back on earth some were in the forest. i was riding a dirt bike and my dad was on one behind me. we were going up some road. i dont know were we were going tho. we rode past this hill and i saw some kid jumping his dirt bike and i wanted to go jump with him and my dad said no, so we continued up the road. then we were in some house. me and my dad were walking back to some room. i was talking to him about the parachute i had earlier. when we got in to the room. there were two beds and a tv, and a big gumball machine next to the tv. me and when went to bed. about 5 seconds later the gumball machine started to spin really fast and shoot gumballs at us. one hit me in the head so i just yelled stop really load and it did. i sat up on my bed and did a RC(finger though the hand) and it worked. i stood up and went and touched a computer near by. i then went out side the room and tryed to knock stuff over by looking at it. i failed. i was going to try and randomly kill some people but then i thought i will go to jail. and so i ran back to the room . then i woke up.

      note: i did not realize i was dreaming when i did the RC. so not a LD
    14. video game store (fragment)

      by , 09-24-2011 at 02:54 PM
      i was in my garden with my friends sam. he asked me some question and i said yes. then we were at a video game store. we just arrived in his truck. funny thing was that we were in the store with the truck. we drove around and then parked in the corner of the store. we got out and walked over to some baseball video game thing. we played it for a little and he kept saying i sucked. then i hit a home run and i was rubbing it in his face.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. tires (fragment)

      by , 09-22-2011 at 02:01 PM
      i was in some shop with a ton of other people. there were tires on the ground. this guys starts talking about how to air them up and set them to the right pressure. i already knew how to do this so i went ahead and aired up and all that to a couple tires. then the teacher came over and told me to go help this one chick from my school. so i went over and started to talk to her then my mom woke me up.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
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