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    My Dream Journal

    by , 09-21-2014 at 05:57 AM (361 Views)
    Last night I dreamt that I bought a new truck. I don't even like trucks in real life but in my dream I loved this truck. It was a silver, four-door truck I can't remember the model. But I do remember being really proud about my new truck.

    Then I became lost in the woods and was chased by dogs, but then I realized they were puppies. So I marched around and the puppies followed me.

    Finally, I was getting ready for a wedding. I wanted my hair to look extra nice so I took a shower. The thing that I found really odd was that the shower was in the closet and the drain was on the carpet. I kept thinking that the water would ruin the carpet. I washed my hair with "Fourth of July" shampoo, which was odd too because I don't think that exists.

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