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    A vivid dream

    by , 09-29-2020 at 12:43 AM (61 Views)
    Hi Dreamviews! It's been a while since I wrote in my dream journal, but I took a little nap and had a very vivid dream.

    It started with me closing my eyes after I was reading articles on Reddit and then I started to visualize a tunnel. I was watching a live video of someone playing an old SNES game on Reddit and I was dozing off so I put my phone down and I saw the visual of a tunnel in my mind. I guess a few moments later I fell asleep and I remember having a somewhat lucid experience.

    I was at a water park with lots of water slides similar to one I used to adventure to with my family as a kid. There were lots of dream characters at the water park. I was on a water slide that was closed but it still had water running. I remember the water being so crystal clear in this dream, and this is one of the first dreams I ever remember seeing a clear blue sky above me. It felt like I was at a far away place but also very familiar. Some people saw me on the waterslide near the end of it, and they brought they had intertubes with them and I signaled them to follow me. In the dream the waterslide was like a mixture between an amusement park ride and a waterslide, but the track was filled with crystal clear water. The people with the intertubes followed me to an opening in the track that shared water with a wave pool next door and we hopped over into the wave pool. I quickly swam away from them and went onto a different waterslide near the wavepool because the employees saw us and took interest in us. The stairs that led to the top of this waterslide became stone steps like the entrance to an Aztec temple complete with a facade of ivy and little cracks that made the stones look ancient. As I climbed down, the stairway seemed to get longer and narrower.

    I am excited to say that as I was writing this dream down, it helped me remember another dream I had on my afternoon nap today!

    I'm going to start with the snippets I can remember and hopefully it will make sense. I got a call and I would have to go to a far away place, like a country on the otherside of the world. I didn't want to leave my family. We were living in a rickity old house on the brown cliffs of some hill. The house seemed like it would fall apart at any time. For some reason I recall going to see a play like Chicago and I walked around the building and on the other side there was a wedding procession happening and the bride was wearing a beautiful white dress bit I didnt look directly at it to
    get enough details and there was a line of dream characters following her, I entered the place where the play was happening but it was really a prison and I almost got stuck with the inmates inside. I can still visualize a long hallway with cells on each side but the walls were all white, there was a person standing outside each of the rooms and I was the only one walking in the center of the hallway. As soon as I realized where I was, I quickly made my way out and walked into the town. It seemed that I was walking down hill throughout the dream. I made my way to the bank and spoke to a dream character that resembled my grandmother. I'm trying really hard to remember this particular dream because it seemed my entire purpose in this dream was to discover a plan. I get a feeling like there was some sort of plan I was about to discover and I was going to make sure it didn't happen. If I remember any details I'll post them later!

    Thanks for reading!
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