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    Turquoise Dreams

    Airport; Scandinavia;

    , 09-11-2017 at 05:44 PM (166 Views)
    Off today, so sleeping in.

    Switched to sofa around 3 am as per usual, coz can't sleep on the bed the whole night.

    I'm at the US airport. Looking for my flight with another person. Rest of our group is already at the airplane. Looking at the departure board, trying to find my flight to Frankfurt, Germany, but not sure what the connecting airport will be, because thinking it's not a direct flight.

    They are already calling us to the gate, and that's how we know where to go. The glass door we try to enter through is exit only and the officer motions to me to go around. I do, then I panic because I don't remember seeing my passports in the bag I packed earlier.

    Now, I'm in Scandinavia. Also waiting for a flight or a ride. I finally decide to go buy some local cookies at the place I see nearby. I stop at the museum to look at some crystals and see an exhibit of millions year old slice of a tree.

    I ask a guy if there is more crystals ahead. He tells me no, only some poor people housing development.

    I keep going towards the "cookie place". I come up to a most beautiful sight. It looks like a shallow lake, with dozens of smallish Viking ships on it. The ships are all dark brown, ornate, all same, and turned the same way, towards me.

    I look in the left bottom corner of the lake. The water is see through and inviting. I tell the other person, who now is my younger brother, that this is where we should have spent our time, swimming and playing in the water.

    Some strange light comes over the lake, and illuminates small parts of it, as a sun peeking through clouds would do. The water turns incredibly beautiful tropical blue and I'm ecstatic. I start taking pictures with something that looks like a drink pouch, lol.

    I'm attending some class teaching english. Few classes in, I'm suppose to go to the next one, but it's 6 pm and I'm tired. I don't want to go, since It's for beginners and I'm not a beginner.

    The classroom is attached to some church type of a building. I'm escaping from there. Manage to get myself to some sexual situation before I leave.

    In a shed, still by this church, telling someone about lucid dreaming.

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