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    Turquoise Dreams


    , 07-31-2016 at 11:45 AM (223 Views)
    Last night went to bed at 6pm. Slept till 3am

    Had at least 4 distinct dreams. Last one, we talked about traveling and comparing sand from some beach to sand from Nile.

    Yesterday's dream:
    I'm in Alaska.
    Somebody has a problem with 2 spirits, a boy and a girl spirit. I'm recommending someone to take care of it, but then we realize tha person has connection to spirits as well.

    I'm walking on a street. I have only regular shoes on, so I'm careful not to slip. Streets are covered with ice from snow that melted then froze again. It's very slipery, has some puddles and it's not even. I get to some stores and restaurant that have an awning and that makes the walkway a bit more safe. I'm thinking I should eat there some local Alaskan fish, since I'm in Alaska.

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    Tags: alaska, travel