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    April TOTM, Frenching, Jumping, Spinning, Sex

    , 04-06-2017 at 08:44 PM (498 Views)
    Last night, bed 10:30pm. Took a long 2-3 hr nap in the afternoon, till 5-6pm or so.

    3;05am - 2x300 Alpha GPC
    4:37 - up for WBTB
    5:08 - 2x4 mgs Galantamine and sofa time

    Had a long lucid, estimate 45+ min. Woke up after 8am.

    I got a head rush quite fast, wasn't sure I will be able to fall asleep to coincide with that. But I guess I did. Had a strong headrush and falling backwards sensation, at least 3 times throughout the 45+ min experience.

    Had an awesome beginning of a lucid, but all I remember is how incredibly happy I was, grinning from ear to ear. Have no clue what I did, but remember thinking "this is good, or finally", or something to that effect. Anyway, i love that exhilarating feeling.

    I started with trying to rotate my dream body as I normally do, and added some hand and leg movements.

    I spent most of the dream outside, walking through large cities.

    1. Modern city, skyscrapers, tons of DCs on sidewalks. There was a plot. Some huge monster was coming and people were running. I decided to spin to change the dreamscape. I actually pulled it off and got to another city.

    2. Second, even more modern city. I think here I tried the April TOTM - point at a DC, yelling Abracadabra and see what happens.

    I did this to at least 8 different DCs. I remember the last one. Businessman walking fast with a clipboard under his arm. As I yelled and pointed at him, he stopped, gave me a quizzical look and kept walking. Couple times I remember thinking "what is gonna happen to them?", but nothing happened. They all stayed the same and went on with their business. I wondered if I am suppose to do some magic, but I figured it's the spell that's suppose to do it.

    3. Trying to fly up to the space, but not having any luck. Looking for a spaceship to take me there. No luck.

    4. Getting up to the skies, but not too high. Trying to see the stars, it took them a while to show up in full beauty.

    5. Came up to a group of young people on the floor. They said in their culture, there is only s*cking. I told them we also do f*cking. They seemed intrigued.

    6. Jumping, gradually higher and bigger distances. Didn't jump over a building yet.

    7. There was this girl and for some reason I kissed her. She kept her mouth shut and I was ok with that. Then I though wait a minute, no, and let my tongue loose. It felt incredibly real.

    I have to remember to stop and retell myself previous parts of a dream, so I remember it at the end.

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    Updated 04-07-2017 at 12:11 PM by 50242 (forgotted the frenching part)

    Tags: jumping, sex, space, totm


    1. Nefets's Avatar
      How do you do sex in dreams?
      It dissipiates all my dreams whenever I try to nail someone.
      gab likes this.
    2. gab's Avatar
      Don't think about details. Like taking the clothes of, haha. Just do iiiit.

      It's your dream, it will end only if you want to.
    3. Nefets's Avatar
      It often ends even if I dont want to D: