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    Astronaut launch

    , 12-05-2016 at 08:37 PM (340 Views)
    I was super tired yesterday, so went to bed at 8 pm - 3:20 am

    DR at 11:37pm

    I'm outside, but in the city. Standing with few people, when I hear a couple of sonic booms. We look up and an astronaut is sitting on a ejection-like seat, being shot up in the air. His uniform is silver or white. I understand, that he goes up maybe half way, where he will enter some kind of a vehicle and continue with that.

    Couple of small, maybe 3-4 feet in diameter parachutes float down. I touch one of the canopes, that is has colored vedges on it, like a classic umbrella would. I touch it and I feel so happy, because this is such a special opportunity. Parachutes brought down small silever metallic cylinder with information. Me and some others take the parachutes and walk into a nearby building to turn them in to space scientists. (I watched Hunger Games just before bed and a very similar parachute took supplies to the players.)

    I'm holding a large USB key and we are joking, that if I put that into the capsule, it would override one mission with some older mission.

    Feeling from the whole dream is happiness and lighthearted joking, and something special happening.

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    Tags: astronaut, space
    non-lucid , memorable