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    Turquoise Dreams

    Books, telescope

    , 02-15-2014 at 07:23 AM (217 Views)
    2/14/13 Friday

    DR from 2/12/14

    Had a bunch of dreams. Too bad that I can't decipher what I wrote : (

    All I have from 2:30 am dream is:

    ???bags with grapes?
    fruit threw
    walking away
    water ???

    Oh, now after finishing typing below, I did have a dream about going to toilet. Then I woke up thinking "why do I still need to go, I just went/"

    Last DR is still clear:

    I'm at a house of a family member Jucka. For some reason, she wants to give my bunch of her books. They look old. Those type that don't have colorfull bindings, just monochrome cloth type of thing. I keep looking at them in multiple bookcases, thinking, that my mom will love them too.

    She also offers very neat and expensive coffee maker and flat screen TV. Here is when I get suspicious, if she is giving them free or for some money. It turns out not free.

    She is also giving me her telescope. It's very cool, just a simple tube, but looks professional and sophisticated. Every time I look at it, it's bigger. Untill it's a telescope, that's sticking out of the roof, that is split open, just like at the observatory.

    I'm at the guest house. Counting money. Somebody walks in. They are coming for a visit to the house, they just took a wrong turn to the guest house. I'm mad. They were not suppose to see the money. Now it's not safe there.
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