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    car chase

    , 09-29-2018 at 03:21 AM (243 Views)
    Was dreaming all night. Sleeping about 8 hrs almost every day now, so exhausted from work.

    Had a dream with one family I would rather forget about.

    Awesome car chase at the end of another dream. It was a chevy, pretty powerful, fast. Insane car chase, we are driving (i'm in a front passenger seat) all over the place. On the steep bank of some kind of body of water. Coming down, rolling, catching on fire. That's when I switch to 3.person view. Our car is all flat with roof pushed in and on fire. But I know we are ok. My view gets back in a car and we continue.

    I was also in foreign country. I want to say Israel, but it's just a feeling.

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