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    Turquoise Dreams

    Chased; Factory

    , 09-21-2016 at 11:54 AM (230 Views)
    Last night, late bed at 10:20 pm because long afternoon nap. Getting up at 3:25am


    I have a puppy or a mouse. We are being chased through the town at night by a guy on a escavator. I can hear it's sound raring as it's coming closer. We are running through the streets, making turns, looking for opened doors or shortcuts to get to next street.


    Me and my brother, we get to some factory. I look up at the classic very tall factory chimney. It has metal rungs that start little higher up. I ask him if we really have to go to the very top while I know that we have to. A man inside knockes my brother out by putting some chemical in his nose. I know I don't have smelling salts to waking up, so I scoop these sleep crystals out of his nose and he wakes up.


    I'm at work. I see that me and one other person are assigned to Isle 9 (NEIN, haha). We can get free potatoes.

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