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    Turquoise Dreams

    Day 1 of Yoga Nidra

    , 07-06-2013 at 07:02 PM (184 Views)

    Last night bed 12:30am - 5;55am

    Tried to WILD around 9, but I had to get up.

    Then layed down again on sofa and listened to the Introduction and first track Survey of the Body. It's a guided simple breathing with goal of taking me to the quiet place. There is also 10 min silence and after that you are quickly guided back.

    I actually fell asleep very quickly, while fully consious. I only knew I'm asleep from the way how I hear my breathing. It didn't hear it through my ears anymore, but from within me. But every other sound, like traffic, was coming in loud and clear.

    I have experienced this before when WILDing. It's not a deep sleep yet, just the first stages. Yoga Nidra is about allowing me to fall asleep fast into the very deep stage of sleep with Delta waves (NREM), while staying fully consious. Like WILDing takes me into REM while consious.

    There is 3 more tracks on the CD.

    1. Introduction
    2. Survey of the body
    3. 61-point relaxation
    4. Ascending breath
    5. Yoga Nidra

    I also bought a track for 30 min meditation.
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    1. VagalTone's Avatar
      I'm interested to see your experiments with yoga nidra or lucid sleeping I also would like to do it but first I want to master LDing

      I have tried it and I remember being asleep for a second or so. Idk if it was it... But I remember the moment I fell asleep and a feeling ofblankness. I woke up slightly confused
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    2. NyxCC's Avatar
      Hmmm, this is very interesting. Best wishes for this undertaking! Looking forward to any insights you have.

      Also I like you new signature! Is this your cat, lord Buddha? He is adorable!
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    3. gab's Avatar
      Thank you for your comments, guys!

      VagalTone - I do Yoga Nidra, when it's too late for me to WILD. I WILD in the morning, 1-3 hrs after I wake up. But if for some reason I can't but find some time later, I do YN.

      I never understood how meditation and breathing excercises work. But I believe. Once I had the craziest experience when I was chanting some mantra rhyming with my breathing. And today, before I even got to the breathing part of Yoga Nidra, I got some awesome experience. It's in todays DJ, in case you are interested.

      NyxCC - yeah, that's my Buddha. Am I buddhist now? And thanks for the wishes. Happy dreams.
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