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    December TOTM - Lift and carry a car - success

    , 12-22-2016 at 11:56 PM (530 Views)
    Last night bed at 10 pm.

    1am - 2x300 mgs Alpha GPC
    3am - WBTB
    3:17am - 2x4 mgs Galantamine and sofa
    5am? waking up from lucids (forgot to note the exact time)

    Started out on my back with my cat across my legs. Noticed some stomach ache and I realized I didn't eat any bread with choline or galantamine as I used to.

    Turned to my left side and got lucid almost immediately after.

    Non-lucids remembered at 3 am:

    Me and Ophelia are coworkers. We are together in some town that's not hers or mine. She needs to drive back and it's getting late, so I offer her to sleep over.

    As we are walking, she mentions that she got a new job, teaching in Canada. I'm shocked. She says she starts ( I expect to hear "next year"), but she says "next week". I'm so surprised and hurt, I can't even say anything. I suggest that we could both get jobs babysitting in US instead.

    Still Ophelia, this time at my house. Same scenario, she is leaving, I offer her to stay...

    1. - Dildo market
    I'm walking through some indoor market place. I stop at a stall that displays dildos. Beautiful, dark wood, shiny, glass... All kinds, shapes and sizes. I say I want one, and gorgeous young black dudes lounging near start to giggle. I keep browsing but I don't see what I like. I ask them to show me more. One young, blond beauty says ok, walks to the back with me and starts to undo his pants. I say I would like to test drive some and the black dudes keep giggling. When I'm sitll not seeing what I would like, the offer to make me one and start bringing all kinds of materials. I ask what for and they say "for a display case". Black dudes are now roaring when I reply "NO, I only want the THING".

    2. - I'm flying through some futuristic city, high among the sky scrapers. It's at night and cloudy. I see a huge billboard with some scary, cloudy skies. I decide I want to go there and see if i can find some intense place. As I come closer, it changes into an image of some huge factory hall. I decide I don't want to go there and I pull myself out of the image.

    3. - Same city, over some highways and freeways partially suspended in the air. I'm watching cars pass by when I remember the TOTM - lift a car and carry it somewhere.

    I stop a yellow car with my hand up and I pick it up with my hands. It turns into a radio, so I put it on my shoulder and listen to the music while I go and pick up some more cars. I lift one up and put it on a tractor trailer that's near by, so it still goes somewhere after I stopped it, haha. The driver looking at me is Tom Cruise.
    I pick up few more cars, same way by standing in front of them and lifting them with my hands. They are weightless. I move them around a bit and put them down. Just as I practiced during day, haha.
    4. I look at the dark stormy cloudy skies and decide to fly there for some action. I am noticing that I'm looking for some intense and normally scary things to do in this lucid.

    5. I think this was a first one. I look up at the skies and see something. I don't remember what it was but I straighten up and take of flying there. It is something blue with red.

    Oh, before the lucids, I had lots of sex. No happy ending though.

    Non lucid.
    I'm at work, doing markdowns. A man and a woman come up, showing me a list of floral deliver and they want me to sign for it. Dude swears it's all in there. I tell him we are not allowed to sign, they need to find some kind of a manager. Almost identical to what happened just day before. Amazing.

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