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    The end is coming

    , 11-14-2015 at 06:05 PM (69 Views)

    I had a night off last night. Slept from 11pm or so - 8am

    I am in Asia, perhaps Vietnam. In some kind of a run-down hotel. Something about bathrooms.

    A chef makes scrumptious looking asian meals, like General Tso's and some pork belly.

    I'm stocking some chocolate cake. Now I'm in the office of US envoy in this asian country. He is telling me that there is no escape for us, we are gonna be all killed no matter if we are trying to escape on a bus, or oter way, or stay in his office. So I ask him if it's ok to eat that chocolate cake. He says sure.

    I go back and eat the whole damn thing. First I only take a chunk of the frosting and want to cut it up so nobody notices, but then I say srew it and eat it all. But before that I make me a plate of that asian food and add some mustard that my friend is asking for. I remembered after I woke up how it all tasted.

    Just before this I'm watching an opposite wall in this hotel, where on top part mice start to pour out of an invisible opening. There is hundreds of them. They stay on this short ledge on top of the wall. I tell this to the envoy and I tell him that good chunk of the wall is missing there.

    (Just before bed I watched the movie Chef where he was cooking these awesome looking dishes. This is the food part of my dream. The mice - I saw a roach farm on tv that same day.)

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    Tags: doom, food, vietnam


    1. MeohMyoh's Avatar
      Can you each as much as you like in dreams? Without feeling sick?.. not that I would of course...just wondered hypothetically speaking