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    Turquoise Dreams

    End of the world

    , 07-17-2014 at 01:10 PM (172 Views)

    Last night bed 12:28

    Woke up with dreams all these dreams at 4:43 am

    Retold the older ones when I woke up inbetween.

    LAST DR:

    End of the world attacks.

    I'm in the future. Some place at the port and docs, in some commercial builidng. I suddenly get a view from distance. I see the port, with some 4 tall chimneys in the background, as they are suddenly blown up by terrorists. Dark smoke is rising from them, as the explosion deep down below produces the smoke, which escapes from the top of them just before they crumble.

    I get an image of Times Square, as it's being covered in plumes of smoke from another explosions. I feel rumbling of the ground, as buildings at the Financial center in NY are crubling to the ground.

    I look out the window and see a huge fireball cloaked in smoke rising not so far away. It's huge and I expect to see mushroom cloud. But it's just not a nuclear explosion.

    I'm calling my mom, who I think is shopping in the builidng I'm looking at, which had the 4 tall chimneys further away behind it. I get her on the phone and I'm asking her where she is. But she starts talking about something else, as usually. I really don't want to tell her what is going on, but I know I have to so she start paying attention. I tell her that the whole world is being attacked, and I'm going to get her and take her to safety. To tell me where she is and not move from there.

    ***From here on, I feel like the dream is listening to my wishes, because everything happens as I wish it to be. Not the main story or, but the small details that matter.***

    Now I see this as if from third person view, and the people I'm watching are not me and my mom.

    So this lady is at her office, on the phone with her son (which was me just a moment ago in first person view). She is told to wait where she stands, her son is coming to get her. She is standing in the hallway, but the elevator door. The door opens and I wish her son was there. As the door opens completely, her son stands there and he pulls her to the elevator.

    He is telling her how he ammased huge amount of survival food and equipment and they are going to some island where they are going to live in safety. They are going down with the elevator, and I'm (they are) watching scenes happening some other place.

    There is someone else who went to save and take to then their son. I see this person holding young man by elbov and directing which way they are going. I'm with them now. We are enterin a hallway of an office building we need to go through to reach the stairs or something else. This guys has a handgun, and so do I. He doesn't really notice me, and I'm not really there, but he knows I'm there to help him get to safety.

    As we are fast but very cautiously making our way down the corridor, we have to walk by many "people". I realize these are the robots of the invading army of aliens. There is a big spider like robot and another humanoid type robot.

    Thene there are android type robots with white hair, facial features and black body. We have to appear non-threataning to them, so we know we can't touch them or start shooting. We start walking and talking like them to blend in, which is kinda like a robot talk and walk.

    The person that we are doing this for is very rich and that's how he was able to buy all the survival gear, including materials for houses, food and everything that will last for decades or even forever.

    Now we are all outside, at a long table. There is food there, like bread and cheese. We are eating together with some strangers, because we need our strength before we go to escape. There is a man, who wants to join us eating, but he is a stranger and doesn't know if we kick him out. I fix him a plate.

    Running out of a builidng at night, with raincoat over my head and shoulers. Pouring rain, going from House of Culture down the hill, towards the clinic to the pharmacy night service for some pain killers.

    Baby bunnies and hamsters in grass, under some boxes. I'm feeding them carrots and lettuce.

    BTB 5:11 am

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