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    Foundry; Emails, NY bicycling

    , 08-02-2016 at 03:43 PM (109 Views)
    I'm off today so slept 9:20pm - 6:30 am

    Had 3 distinct dreams.

    DR1 10:53pm
    I am in a huge place. It's a shape of a swimming pool, with all corners rounded and it's made from yellow/brow/greenish dirt and sand. Has a feel of foundry or some other place that has huge machinery and railings on the floor, walls and a ceiling and deals with molten metal. Somehow I'm flying near the ceiling, or I'm on some machinery being taken to the other end of this room. Trying to figure out something, how to fit some equipment to the one already there or something like that.

    DR2 2:57am
    I'm looking at some emails that were lost till now. They were send in May (I know in a dream it's already August) but they were delivered just now. I'm reading them. One says something about mom of some kids not being comfortable with some social events done on behalf of her kids.

    I'm with a large group of people in New York. They seem to be owners of some grocery store and other ultra rich people. I don't feel right among them, they seem to think I belong there. One older lady speaks to me in Yiddish and I'm thinking now they will realize I'm not one of them.

    Everybody has a bike now and they give me a different bike. It's ultra slim frame and wheels. They are designed for street races. I'm testing it out as we all start to bike as a group. I'm testing the hand breaks, righ is the back and left is the front brake. I keep my feet down a bit before I sit on the seat to see if it's not too high. We bike through some snow and ice and kids are playing street ice hockey there. Looks like a sports park, because another group of bikers come in opposite direction so I'm not worried that we will disturb the players. I clearly see the snow and ice on the ground and I wonder why, since it's not winter.

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    Tags: new york, travel