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    Future; Earthquake

    , 03-20-2018 at 11:31 PM (245 Views)
    This was few days ago.

    I remember being happy in this dream. Like YEAH, so cool, I'm in the future, something awesome is happening!
    So, I'm looking up at some flying objects. I have a feeling I'm a visitor. I wish to go up and I feel myself flying straight up through the air. I end up sitting in a small, bubble like flying vehicle. It's blue and gray with lots of windows. As the side of it closes after I get in, I'm excited. I say "let's go on a tour of the city" , because I want to see where have I ended up. I see another bubble in front of me with someone inside.

    DREAM 2
    I'm walking on the wet sandy part of the beach. I hear a voice announcing an earthquake happening in a short period of time. They say exactly when, but I don't remember it. It was just a few minutes, less than 5.

    I think with surprise and satisfaction, that earthquake prediction is finally a real thing. I start running alongside the water, looking for a right spot to start running to the left and climbing up higher on the hillside.

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