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    Future Chicago; Small pig farm

    , 05-15-2018 at 05:19 PM (216 Views)
    Pig farm
    Lol so this one was really interesting. No clue where it came from.

    So I'm something like an intern on a pig farm. The farm is small, privately owned. Something like a micro farm (like beer micro brewery). I'm suppose to learn how to do everything around the farm. So I'm following the old owner. Guy doesn't say much, so I have to keep asking him question. Even then he doesn't tell me much, and I don't even know what questions to ask, since this topic is so new to me.

    We start to gather items into a container. I think it will be the food for the pigs. There is some dry stuff, like ground up grains. Then he cuts a piece off of a slab, which is laying on a pile of slabs looking like 3 feet long polished semi precious stones called agate. Blueish greenish in color, oval, with a ring of unpolished stone. I wasn't really sure what we are doing and I was a bit uncomfortable.

    Then we were taking it to the pigs. I'm walking by this large room made of wood, looking like an old barn. But it was modern. Pigs were standing in their own enclosures. I noticed they can't really move around, just stand there. But I also saw all the nice people taking care of them, much better than at other farms. It was a mixed feeling.

    The owner is taking the food on some golf cart type of a vehicle. I'm not sure if he wants me to sit next to him, so I'm just following the cart. He gets into an industrial size elevator, and some other people get in as well. As I'm getting close, the doors close and I'm left behind.

    But somehow I'm on the elevator. It has an open side and I can see outside. It's very nice.

    At the end of the day, many members of the family gather and they are telling me that I didn't do too well. I'm like if you wanted me to learn, you should have been telling me stuff. There was also a room where kids were holding tiny pigglets and were petting them and playing with them. That was so cute.

    Future Chicago
    I'm on an elevated train. Looking outside at the city. A woman who is escorting me is telling me about it. I ask for the name, and she says it's Chicago. She points out some buildings and structures from the "Old Chicago", (like that fountain from Married with Children show and one tall building I recognize as well). But they seem small compared with lots of other new buildings. I know I'm in future.

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