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    Turquoise Dreams

    Futuristic housing

    , 10-27-2016 at 12:03 PM (159 Views)
    Last night bed 9pm - 3:30am

    DR at 2am, just before I switched from bed to sofa

    I'm waling with someone up the hill, out in the mountains. I point to the far away hill with a ski slope and tell them I just came down from there with some other people. Right now the slope is half melted, but when we were going down on it, it still had enough snow. We were not skiing, we were just returning from somewhere higher up and took the ski slope down.

    There is another hill next to this one with some rocky formations and I poit them out to this other person because they are beautifully colored pink by the sun. Here I remember I saw on a recent show why is it so.

    I point my iphone camera at it and I'm delighted that a snowy hill with some daisies starting to grow make a beautiful foreground for this pink mointain in the back.

    We get to the top and walk by a building. We reached the destination. We were looking for some dormitory/housing for somebody I am not sure who, but space fighter pilots like in star wars cross my mind.

    We are looking for a specific name of the complex so we look around when we get in the middle of it. It has massive rectangular buildings with lots of windows, all standing around a main plaza. This plaza has a huge opening in the middle through which we can see tops of the mountains below. I look for some net that would keep people from falling down, but there is non and I know it's because it would obscure the view.

    I see inside a building. People in it are all dressed in some kind of black uniforms. At first I think they all have their own tiny bed sized room, but now I see cots in a huge dormitory style room. There is a guys in the middle of it peeing, so bathrooms are public.

    In the middle of the building there is empty space and that's where they practice their flying. They fly without any apparatus, just like we do in lucids.

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    Tags: camera, flying, iphone