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    Happy in Iceland

    , 12-13-2018 at 04:27 AM (597 Views)
    I just arrived to Iceland airport. On the global map, I feel like I'm between Europe and Greenland.

    I have a bit of time before my plane leaves, so I ask around, how to get outside. I have seen some beautiful nature pictures on some brochures and I want to see that. I see people walking with luggage, so I follow them, while keep asking about getting outside. Suddenly we are out, when it turns out that the path to another airport gate leads through outdoors. I say "see, exactly like this outside". As I look around at fresh show on the ground. Everything is white and beautiful, as we walk on a path in show, with trees lining the pathway. It's sunny and beautiful.

    I come to a wooden path over a small brook forming a small lake. I look at it and I'm overcome with joy. So incredibly happy, that I see beautiful nature just like in the brochure. Almost as happy as when I realize in a dream that I'm dreaming or flying.

    Somewhere there I also find a gift shop.

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