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    Huge waves, beach

    , 09-14-2014 at 01:11 PM (73 Views)

    Last night bed 11pm - 4:40am

    Me and 2 other girls have chacked into a hotel in a vacation place. I look through the ground floor large windows, sliding door, and I see the ocean peaking above some low trees. I want to go outside to check it out, but they are saying it's further and it's dark and blah-blah. I know beach is the first place I want to check out at every place I visit, but I listen to them.

    It's morning, I open the courtain, and almost fall on my ass. We are 30 feet from the edge of the ocean, pratically on the sandy beach.

    We are looking at some huge waves breaking in the distance. But the water hitting the beach is calm. Water is clear, greenish, like in Hawaii. Nice rocks, very nice detailed beach.

    Now we are walking towards the water, because I say we need to get in it. We were on our way to the town in the morning, but when we saw we are right on the water, I insisted on going there first.

    So we drop our pants, I'm left in underwear and t-shirt. I know it's not gonna be pretty, but I honestly don't care, as long as I get to go in the water.

    We are watching the huge waves again. Here I notice a peculiar thing. The waves breaking are huge, but the water right next to us, is not moving at all. Not like it's calm, but like a dream glitches, and those frames were frozen. Every few seconds some water washes over the calm part, or it ripples a bit, but it's almost as if it was frozen in time. I point it out to others and I don't know what to think of it.

    There was more to this dream, and maybe another one, but can't recall atm.

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