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    Turquoise Dreams


    , 05-16-2017 at 05:31 AM (385 Views)
    day before yesterday

    I'm standing in a back of the bus with my brother. He tells me that he died on this bus, when it lost control going down the super steep hill we are on top of right now. The bus is about to go down the hill again. I look out the front window and get a familiar, uncomfortable feeling. I sometimes dream about being on a bus or car that I see going off the road and crashing few moments later. I'm a bit surprised at him being on the same bus again, since now he knows it's dangerous.

    So I guess we take the ride anyway, because next thing I know, I am dead. I'm waling slowly, with my brother and some other person. It's very peaceful, we have no worries. First thing I notice is what we are wearing. Pants and a long shirt from some very light, tropical cotton, white and beige in color. And a whiteish scarf made from same material. I'm thinking, "oh, so this is what they give you to wear when you are dead".

    Not a bad feeling from this dream. It was rather interesting.

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    Tags: dead
    non-lucid , memorable