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    Turquoise Dreams


    , 11-14-2018 at 05:04 AM (441 Views)
    So many dreams about Turkey. Here is another one.

    I'm underground with some others. Going to a bridge. Come to a bridge base which is underground. I tell the other person, that some bridges allow you to climb and walk over the top of it, like the one in Sydney. This one had a steep incline and I was thinking we gonna slide off. But the surface was bumpy, and another person showed me how we are not going to slide down, when he slid down on purpose, but stopped by itself.

    We got up and others were already waiting. A simple wooden door. I knew Istanbul is behind it. The door opened and it was raining. I had a feeling that it was some kind of a portal, because where we were standing, we were not in Turkey.

    I asked others if any of them visited Istanbul before and few of them raised there hands. They agreed with me, how beautiful the city is, and I was happy I will be able to show the others, be their guide.

    As we crossed the door, it was night. I was telling them that when we get to a city square, there were be a soldier in ceremonial dress and he is super nice and friendly.

    There were other things we were going to look at.

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