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    Italy, again

    , 11-28-2013 at 10:54 PM (88 Views)
    11/27/13 Wednesday

    Last night, bed at 2am, no meditation

    I'm in Italy. Second time in maybe 2 weeks. I'm at the docs, looking at some ships docked. One of them is military ship, that serves as a museum. Suddenly there is an explosion on it. I see red flames and black smoke. It's already third explosion in the area. Some kind of terrorist attack. (Watched NCIS episode with explosions and terror attacks)

    Still in Italy. I have a puppy in my arms. He is not mine, but perhaps rescued. It's a beagle. He has flees, so we are taking him to the vet. Come to a building, with patients waiting on chairs outside and in the doorway. I try to talk to them in Italian. I want to know if I can buy something for the flees in the pharmacy, or if I should see the vet. When we walk inside, the building is huge and modern. medical personal walking busily in the hallways. We find the vet and he takes a look at the dog. Then he puts him in this room sized plastic tube. Kinda like a huge terrarium. It can fold in the middle, one side can slide in the other side. We are thinking about buying it for the dog. Trying to figure out, if it will fit on the back of a pickup. I see the price in italian lira and it's like 39000. I see that in some places it's broken and fixed with black tape. So I'm telling my mom, we could buy it, but not to pay for it more than 1/5 of the asking price.

    It was a long time I have spent in Italy this time.

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