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    Last beer; Mutant wasp

    , 10-25-2016 at 04:24 AM (71 Views)
    Nap today afternoon.

    My dad drank my last beer! First he asked if he can have one, and I'm like why not? Then I saw the fridge empty!

    I'm pulling some translucent "noodle" off of a guy's arm. It's unexpectedly long. First I thought it's like a piece of some fruit that spattered on him when he was peeling it. Then I look closer and I see a red vein/spine through the length of the thing and I realize it's alive. I step back coz you know, I watch horror movies, and that's when the "noodle" pulls itself out more and drops to the ground.

    I get moving, trying to kill it while feeling grossed out from the thought of killing. The thing stays on the floor and everytime I go step on it, it morphs into a bumble bee/wasp kinda thing. Black and yellow, fat tummy, huge stinger pointed at me everytime I bring my foot closer. I step on it anyway and watch it's fat thorax move in waves.

    There was lot more. Long corridors with tiled walls, lot;s of doors, people doing things.

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