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    Latin American girl, house and bulldozer

    , 02-16-2017 at 04:41 AM (247 Views)
    Last night, bed at 6:50am

    I took 3x 15 mg (6%) L-dopa at time of bed

    Had lots of dreams, but I had that for the last week or so. So can't tell it was because of L-dopa.

    DREAM at 9:03pm
    Something about group called Dreamers Against Trump.

    DREAM 11pm
    Paying for photo ops
    Driving heavy truck

    DREAM 3:15am
    I'm in a basement of a 1-2 story house. Looking out the small window with 2 kids, boy and a girl. There is some work being done outside. A bulldozer is pushing ground near the house and somehow he pushes a huge pile of dirt too close to the house. It makes the corner buckle and shift and a metal bars above the window come down. Just before it did, I yelled at the kids to get out. It I didn't, they would have been killed.

    I'm outside yelling at the operator what the heck did he do, being so careless.

    Then I'm on a street in Latin America, sitting in the middle of the road in a residential neighborhood. People walking around, kids playing and sitting around. I figure if I want to be friends with them, I should attempt to get to know them and talk. So I ask a girl sitting near me what's her name. Julia, she says. And she cuddles with me. (my grandma just passed away and her name is Julia).

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