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    Longest chain of WILDs, DEILD and 1 FA

    , 03-18-2013 at 07:58 PM (319 Views)
    Monday 3/18/13 bed around 1am -7am. Nap 10:45am-11:30am

    Holy smokes, this was a good one. About 30 min of chaining. First WILD, rest a mix of WILDs a DEILDs + 1 lonely FA.

    I was really torn between getting up and writing it down and between continuing, and that got reflected in FA in which I got up and wrote stuf up, only to ralize 5 min later in next DEILD that I didn't do it.

    The entries were absolutely amazing. More energy oriented then ever before. Othere times I used to get up with my getting up or rolling out.

    My mantra was "slow down, look around".

    List is not in order of it happening.


    1. Vibrations, which i managed to make stronger by thinking "energy, energy". Boy, did they ever got stronger. Incredible massage. All I could think of was how can anybody not like vibrations.

    2. At least 4 times I got out by rocking my body lengthwise, from feet to head. Incredible real feeling. Once I continued the motion and started floating out like from my head. Once I got out by falling backward head first.

    3. One exit when I realized I can feel the papers on the desk I was WILDing at (not there in WL) so I started touching papers and desk and saw my arms and got up.

    4. One exit - I kneeled on some stairs (like for older pets to be able to hop on bed) and tilted my head forward and down to get the falling feeling.


    1. I'm walking through one story house in tropical spanish style. (watching too much House Hunters international IWL). Lots of big, bright rooms. Come to the patio with huge flower pot with big leaf plant (like a banana tree) in shape of a casket. I'm about to freak out but I don't alow myself to do that. Instead I think "no, that's not it, just a flower pot".

    2. I'm sitting with mom and I'm writing something. She doesn't like that so I ask her if I should rather carve it into my arm. She likes that even less. I pick a ballpoint pen and "carve" write 4 - 4inch letters on my left inside forarm. The ink is not sticking everywhere. Mom comes back with a first aid kit.

    3. In one of them I remembered the "slow down, look around" mantra and actually looked around 360 degrees around me. I usually never look around, just move forward.

    Added 4. On two occasion, I was blind and thought about wiping my eyes clean, but then decided to do it the easy way and take off my sunglasses instead. I think this happened after exit by falling sensation, not by getting up. If that's so, that's great, because I don't remember having success with this type of entry before.

    Added 5. On one occasion I counted my fingers. Left hand had more than 5 fingers, and they looked dirty.

    On both occasions it got brighter. In one LD I started to see a wall infront of me. It was grey and textured. I normally don't like going to places I don't where I'm going, but said to myself to stop being a chicken and something nice will be there.

    So I went through the wall pushing it away with botm my hands, as you would push away spiderwebs in your way.

    Man, I hope I remember more. I'm so stoked. They were all short, most of the time just a few seconds, but I had such a good time.

    So after almost all this, I thought it's over, so I changed position but got vibrations again and was thrilled about it. Then I said I need to get up now if I want to remember any of this but got weak vibes again.
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    1. NyxCC's Avatar
      Looks like you really made the most of your sleep time! very inspiring
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    2. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      gab!! Great DEILD chain again. I don't know what gets into you some nights, but whatever it is, keep it up!

      So you also experience a feeling of vibrations when you perform a WILD? Is this something that happens every time or is it more of an occasional thing? It sounds like you have a great deal of control over the experience, too, which is neat.

      I guess that the only downside to these DEILD mega-chains is that it takes some serious recall to have these memories survive the stomping of 4+ DEILDs. About how long do you have from one LD to the next? Is there any opportunity to get these memories mentally organized before you get swept up in the next wave?

      Anyway, congratulations! Excellent work!
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    3. gab's Avatar
      Thank you

      This was courtesy of my morning nap. I'm trying to figure out, if I took a nap 2.5 or 3.5 hrs after waking up. The sooner after waking up, the better.

      Vibrations - yes, I get them every time when successfully WILDing. These are the only constant. Other HH seem to take turns. But this time, I was able to first time make them stronger. I felt like there is a bubble in shape of my body around me filled with energy. Strongest vibrations in a while. Man, felt so good.

      LDs were very short, each just seconds most likely, (except the first 1-3), that's why I don't remember them. Usually I do remember all of them. In one previous chain, I had enough presence of mind to count them and to update the count during every transition and make a consiouss decision to replay them quickly so I commit them to my memory.

      But this time, I think there was not much to remember. And the transitions were so much fun. I stayed deeper asleep during transitions so had a chance to really play around with them. I love the feeling of "falling", so I was trying to invent new positions to do that. I got up on something like a stepping stool with 3 steps for older pets to be able to climb on bed, I kneeled down and bent over, so my head kinda pulls me down into the falling feeling. haha, loved it. Falling backwards was fun too.

      I have a feeling the whole thing lasted for 30 min, but I can't account for every minute. So not sure, but felt like I came out of one, played around with transition and went straight into next one.

      I just feel like when in LD, i don't really decide what to do. I'm not really in control. I'm propelled by this urge to get out of a building if I'm in one, so there is a scamble for the nearest window. When I'm outside, I have an urge to fly, so there is a scamble to climb and fly from there (unles I'm already hovering and flying). I'm not sure how to get over this. I would like to just walk and explore. I have to make it my mantra.
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    4. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Neat stuff. It's funny how unique everybody's experience is when crossing over. My WILDs and DEILDs are super low-key -- usually just some imagery which grows more and more realistic, until I do something to step into the new scene. It seems like a lot (or perhaps most) people get some form of vibrations the way that you do. From the description (the energy bubble around your body), it sounds awesome!

      It's crazy to think that there very well may have even been several more LDs that you just burned right through without being completely able to remember them.

      The falling thing is interesting! So just to make sure I'm clear, you find one of these pet stools and do your falling in the dream, right? Rather than hopping around the bedroom doing gymnastics between LDs?

      I know what you mean about wanting to get out of a building and fly! Flying feels so good and is so unlike what we can do in real life... the urge to be free like that calls so powerfully to us as human beings! Your mantra idea seems like a good way to tone this down and keep it under control. For nights where you're practicing MILD, you have the additional chance to make it part of what you visualize.

      Well, congratulations again! Wishing you many more of these!
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    5. gab's Avatar
      First many attempts and WILDs I had great images and I used to enter via dreamlets. Now, I get those only occasionally.

      Falling - I do it as a transition to enter lucid. I only did this stool this one time, trying to be creative with my "falling". Come to think of it, if was probably HH I manipulated into giving me the stepping stool. Normaly I just bend my head backwards or forward and let my heavy head pull me to the ground and beyond.

      Thank you for all your comments. Happy dreams
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