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    Lucid? dild

    , 06-11-2018 at 12:55 PM (336 Views)
    I'm waking up a lot last few nights. So I thought maybe I'll get a lucid out of it.

    I'm in something looking like a doctors office. But less formal. Maybe like some people getting together and one of them would do procedures. Like a tupperware party or something.

    Some people are half naked. Person who does the procedures is kinda looking at me, if I want it done as well. But I'm just waiting for someone.

    I look in the large mirror. I'm wearing a black t-shirt. I look at my face closely and I'm surprised that I don't see eyes. Then I look closer and I see that they are shut tight. I wonder how I see with eyes closed. I open them and I can see the same clear. That's when I become lucid. I look at the person and I'm thinking if I should go with the dream plot or do something else. I kinda want to see where will the dream take it next. As I'm thinking that, I feel my lucidity slipping and I wish it didn't.

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