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    Lucid Mjolnir; Tall tree

    , 03-02-2018 at 05:27 AM (373 Views)
    So I was watching Thor - The dark worlds last night. I thought I could try and fly with Mjolnir in the next lucid, if I have trouble flying. I also sen an intent to visit Asgard.

    I got lucid last night. First I saw this land covered with very shallow water. Like a huge lake. It looked very monotonous, but I said out loud "how beautiful' and the skies on one side started to turn a bit pink and orange, rest of the land was in silvers and grays. A bit scary looking, but me saying "how beautiful" I tried to make it something else.

    Then I remembered how I wanted to fly with help of Mjolnir. I looked around but didn't see it. So I picked up a large rock and moved it fast in front of me, hoping it's momentum will make me follow it into the air. But I couldn't lift off at all.

    I'm no longer lucid here. Looking out from my mom's kitchen balcony window. There is a tree, looks like an eucalyptus. As I look more and more up, I say wow, this tree is so huge, and the tree is getting taller and taller. It reaches up to the clouds. I call my mom to look at it but she can't be bothered. I think that if the tree break, it will fall right on our house. At that moment a huge limb, which like rest of the tree has a very smooth, light gray bark, starts falling down. I call my mom to look. It's still falling, now I see it from the opposite window, in the living room. I yell "its still falling, come and look".

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    Tags: flying, lucid