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    Turquoise Dreams

    Lucid ocean; Flying; Indoors

    , 10-26-2016 at 01:45 AM (157 Views)
    I guess last few times I was doing classic middle of the night WBTB. I didn't do this since I tried it when I first started with LDing.

    I was asleep at 4 am when I heard the watch chime, I was just getting lucid, and then heard it again at 5 still lucid. Got up at 5:45 after some non lucid.

    Last night
    9:40 pm - bed
    1:27 am - 2x300 Alpha GPC
    went straight back to sleep to get up later
    3am - got up for a WBTB
    3:34 am - 2x4mg pure galantamine
    and going straight on a sofa with back raised to half sitting position, on my back.

    Was rather sleepy so when I heard my wach chime at 4am, I was already asleep. I decided to turn to my right side. I think I turned to my left next, before I got lucid.

    I was in a mall and we were apparently Canadian. Our canadian ID was getting us in trouble, so we went to a forgerer to get us some new IDs.
    He had a creek behind his place and I wanted to jump in a swim.

    I am outside and I want to fly. I float up and grab one of the branches of a tree that was growing somewhere much higher than I was. It looked like a jungle vine hanging from the skies. I held on to it and I felt it will help me fly. Then I thought I can just make huuge swings on it since it was so long and I did. That was awesome feeling. Going fast and feeling wind on my face.

    I dropped to the ground and wished hard for it to be an ocean. It changed into water and I sank down. The water stayed brownish murky but I made out outlines of some huge sharks and whales swimming by.

    I'm in a mall and I walk into a small side room. I drop to the floor and I want to swim in the ocean again. I look down and the floor is painted with an ocean scene. Beautiful blue water with sea creatures of all colors. I just flopped there for a while when I realized it's not gonna happen.

    I'm standing on a shore of a wide concrete cannal with a rather steep slope leading to the water. I look closer and there are fish swimming in oval shape in this completely clear water. I watch in fascination small fish, big fish, blue fish, red fish, haha, mantas and all kinds and shapes and sized of fish slowly swimming by.

    I'm showing somebody how to phase through objects. I pick a trashcan on the street and walk through it like a ghost.

    7. Last dream, already non-lucid.
    I think this is still at the forgerers place. Somebody wants to put fish into my aquarium and I say hell no, I barely waited the fish out to die, I don't want any more fish. They say "but they are alive" and sure enough, 2 tough fish are swimming around. The more I look, the more creatures I find living in there. I think I start changing the water.

    This should be a dream sign for me. Reading Ophelia's DJ last night during WBTB, when she said aquarium is her dream sign, I realized I have lots of aquarium and fish in a water dreams. And then I have both of them, haha.

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