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    March TOTM - Make a cup of tea - success

    , 03-09-2017 at 08:35 PM (380 Views)
    Same nite as Grow yourself big to reach the moon attempt before the WBTB. http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/gab/

    So after the alarm woke me up at 4 am, I stayed up for a WBTB

    WBTB 4am-5:30am (I was so stoked from a random lucid, that I couldn't sleep sooner. Plus, that is my usual waking time so I had to fight my body's urge to "wake up for the day" and stay in the sleepy mode.)

    I already took 2x300 Alpha GPC at 3 am, but I felt like I used that up for that random lucid, and since my WBTB was so long, I took another 600.

    - 2x300 Alpha GPC
    - 2x4 Galantamine

    Sofa at 5:30 am
    Woke up from lucids at 7:52

    I estimate lucid was about 60 min long, maybe bit longer. I could tell the extra choline made a difference. I was getting headrush and entering lucids at much faster pace than normally, and the headrush was very intense.

    I don't remember much details, since there were no breaks in lucidity when I could retell my lucids to myself. And I slept more after I wrote down a few keywords.

    Ok, so there was a TON of sex in this one. It was happening with some invisible entity, for a long time. But there was some problem, he may have forgotten to take my pants off. Then bunch of other scenarios with chicks and dudes.

    After much walking and exploring, I remembered the TOTM Make a cup of tea and report how it tastes"

    I start looking for some place to make the tea. I see some fire on some snow covered ground. I decide to go closer and use it. Hoping to see people there who will have cups and stuff. But there are 2 dogs by the fire. Another fire is nearby and I see a cat by it. I come closer and as I'm wishing for it to be a fox, it turns into a fox. He is not very friendly, starts to chase me away. Needles to say, he didn't have any cups : D

    I come to a market place and I search the stalls. There are some glass colored tea cups on one of them, with some liquid in them. I ask "is this hot water"? Vendor says no, it's tea. Well, that's not what I need. I grab one cup, dump the liquid from it and I ask the vendor to put a bag of tea in it. She is putting some in her cup as well, but it's not a bag, it's lose tea. I'm ok with that and she sprinkles some in my cup. There is a pot with semi hot water and I pour that in my cup. I hope I don't burn myself when I taste it. It taste like rose-hip tea. Kinda mild flavor, but very nice. Lukewarm, not hot at all.

    After that I go for some more sx and slowly losing lucidity, until some long dream in singapore or other major asian metropolis, in a hotel with my brother and his wife. Not sexual haha, we were just there.

    Did some flying, didn't see much, looking at hands to make it more clear, didn't really work.

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