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    May TOTM; smoke monsters; Mind-elevator; phone; DC's story

    , 05-02-2017 at 10:51 PM (510 Views)
    Last night
    bed 10:30 pm
    GPC (600 mgs) - 3 am
    WBTB - 4 am - 4:45 am
    GM (8mgs) - 4:45 am - sofa time
    Got up at 5:15am to potty, then lay on my left side and WILD
    LD estimate - 40 min long

    Woke up from a 40 min lucid at 6:45.

    1. Climbing
    In a huge, gymnasium size room. Climbing up on ropes, ledges, jumping from one to next with incredible ease. Feels great.

    2. Phone TOTM
    I decide to see if anybody is calling, so I pull out my phone from my pants pocket, same as in last dream. I'm thinking about holding it to my ear with my shoulder, but don't want to drop it while climbing that high. I couldn't make it ring, so another TOTM fail.

    3. Tell me a story TOTM
    In a room with tons of DCs. I remember the "Ask a DC to tell you a story" TOTM.
    I walk up to a young asian woman. I ask her to tell me a story. She says "NO". I'm like "wut?" So I walk up to another woman to my right, standing with group of friends. I again ask her to tell me a story. She is obviously looking for words, but I sense a rejection. While I wait, I lose interest and move on, and possibly lose lucidity here for a bit.

    4. Smoke monsters
    Probably same building. Someone says something about some monsters outside. I look outside peeking through the door and there is a huge smoke figure. Looks like a tornado reaching from ground to high into the skies, in faint shape of a humanoid figure. It's all moving, you can see the dark smoke swirl and move.

    We try to run, but as I look behind next corner, another smoke figure is coming from there, and another one from third direction. We kinda run around a bit in a panicked chaos.

    5. Your mind is a room - take the elevator to the deepest levels TOTM - success
    I find myself in a medium sized, almost empty room. Something like a lobby, but on upper levels. I remember this TOTM and say out loud, very clearly and articulately: This room is my mind. I repeat it once more.

    When I'm satisfied that it's so, I say "there is an elevator behind me". (When reading this TOTM and one attempt during the WBTB, I decided that UP is the way to go to the deepest/highest levels of my mind. Plus I don't like to go down, because of the negative association with that.)

    I turn and walk to the barely visible door in the wall. I open it and walk into another, much smaller room, but it's not the elevator. I walk through another door and I force it to be an elevator by walking to the wall and looking for controls until I see them. They are the regular 1-9 numerals. I can't decide if it should be 1 or 2, and while another person presses some number, I look for an arrow UP and when I find it, I press it. The controls are barely visible. They are same shiny metallic as the rest of the wall, and flush with the wall. Hard to see. I make it to the top floor.

    The door opens into a busy, bustling room which looks like produce section of a grocery store. There are tables with fruits and vegetables and people taking care of them. (ok, so now my real life job is my subC?) Anyway, I'm surprised by this.

    6. Yeah, there was sex ofc.

    I did a lot of hovering, flying up with ease, and when it started to be hard, I just forced it to be easy again by not forcing it, just by knowing it's easy.

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    1. Nefets's Avatar
      do you use any kind of stuff that boosts up recall and lucidty?
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    2. gab's Avatar
      Nothing for recall, just the DJ. For WILDs, I do WBTB and take choline and galantamine, as I mention it at the beginning of lucid entries.
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