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    Turquoise Dreams


    , 09-02-2018 at 02:57 AM (221 Views)
    2 days ago, I think.

    I'm in a house I recognize with people I know. (I lived here IWL by the beach.) I know I used to live there. It's a huge house, quite long.

    I'm trying to take a shower. As I come to the shower, people are gathering. I realize they didn't tell me about some party. Shower is just a stall, inside the room, separated from it just by a curtain. At first I almost get in, then I change my mind because it feels awkward. I go to find another shower, but people are everywhere. I walk through many rooms. There are at least 2 more showers. One is suppose to be up the narrow, winding stairway and I realize I ahve never been in this part of the house, it's like a secret room. I do not go in there.

    I decide to leave. Walking outside on the patio. Cemetery on my right hand side. I think to myself, dangit, i walked that far inside of the house, now I have a very long way back. And I never realized there is a cemetery near the house. I do my best not to look, since I don't like that place. But I see large, shiny slabs of white and black stones. Now below the patio, there are 2 graves. I try to look to the left how I could go around, but there is a fence and someone else's house.

    I get a thought, that I should walk on those graves and get over my fear. This would be a good time to do that. But I also decide that not now, perhaps next time. Suddenly my path is clear and I can continue on. Either the graves are not there anymore, or they don't bother me since I decided I won't be scared, or a fence has changed it's shape and it's not blocking my path. I think it's a combination of all 3.

    Waking up, I'm surprised and happy that my quest to conquer my fears continues even in my non-lucids.


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