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    Naked TOTM; OpheliaBlue in bed

    , 07-03-2014 at 07:28 PM (186 Views)

    Last night bed 1:30am, same as night before. Got up at 6:40am.

    WBTB 6:40 - 8am. Got up from WILD nap at 10am.

    I knew nap is going to be a good one. Got relaxed in matter of minutes. Cats were asleep and I was at the gates of a LD. Then my cat jumped on me and layed on me for a few minutes. I didn't let that bother me one bit. I was incredibly excited and played out scenarios I would like to dream about. So many cool ones.

    Not sure how I got lucid, if WILD or DILD.

    I'm in a place with some people. I look down and I'm in underwear and a bra. I quickly pull off the undies, while saying sorry to those around and telling them that I'm on a mission.

    Next I'm in a long hallway. It's rather narrow, like maybe on a ship. But we are not on a ship. Doors made out of shiny lighter colored wood are lining the hall on both sides.

    I decide to go door by door and find someone, so I can undress. First door has a female in. I realize this is doctors offices and doors have patients behind them waiting for the doctor. I quickly close the door.

    Next door has 2 skinny people with body piercings. I can't tell if male or female. I'm hoping at least one is male. Not sure why I'm thinking I should undress only in front of males.

    Another door has a person with blond hair, sitting in a chair facing away from me. I say hi in hope it will turn around and I can see if male or female.

    Next door has a freaky huge machine in it, which I recognize as Iron lungs. I quickly close the door.

    Next is an x-ray room, or some lab, with lots of females in white coat. I don't find this room suitable either.

    Finally, there is a lonely male leaning against a door. I ask him to help me take my bra off. He is doing it with one hand and I praise him for being a pro. Dream cutts off here.

    Dream ended and restarted many times. I remember lots of transitions.
    1. Just a regular restart
    2. I'm rolling out, fall on my knees and I'm thinking I'm actually awake. But have 8 fingers on one hand.
    3. Pushing head backwards to get the falling feeling
    When I stop pushing, I come back to the bed, so I make it a swinging sensation. Push down, come back up and higher. Untill I was standing on the bed and just stepped off. This one I did at least 2-3 times.

    Next dream - I don't think I'm lucid here, because the whole time I'm desperately trying to WILD.

    I'm in a large, L-shaped room. She is in the other part of the room in a bed with white sheets. I think a medic is treating her, because at one point she says with pain in her voice "damn, that stings". But that's the only complaint I hear from her.

    When that person leaves, I come closer and ask if I can help. Make some food or anything else. But she declines every offer I make. Nothing new, I expected that. Makes me feel sad though, that she won't accept help even from me.

    So I sit on a chair next to the bed and trying to figure out how to at least hold her hand without her rejecting it or making it look like some mushy move. All I really want is to transfer some healing energy to her and make her more comfortable.

    She says something about her kidneys giving her hell.

    She gets up and tries to do some chores. I trail her while desperately trying to WILD so I can treat her aura in a lucid. I'm pushing my head back while walking. I feel like I'm WILDing a few times, but those are all fake, not real lucids.

    Now I see through the window that we are in LA. For a second I'm happy that she lives here but then i remember that she is only visiting. I have a few suveniers from my visits in LA and I'm rummiging through them picking out the one I want to give her. But I know she wont like them, so I stop doing that.

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      Enjoyable read, although I was expecting more after reading that title ;P