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    Turquoise Dreams

    Old arab; New house

    , 09-22-2016 at 11:59 AM (144 Views)
    Last night bed 9pm - 2:50 am

    2x300 alpha GPC 2:57 am

    Dream before 2:50am

    There was something with an old arab. He was rich and people were kinda scared of him, he was like a "boss" of the neighborhood. We go there through lots of hallways with some bodyguards. The room we get to is huge, lots of sofas and pillows.

    Leaving through stairs on a wall. It's a solid rock wall of a mountain, perfectly vertical. There are only somy protrusions like stair rungs. Somebody is leading me. I stop to take a picture with my camera phone. The person looks back so I show him the picture later that he is in it too, if it's ok with him.

    Walking by some hills that people use for picknicks. We have a spot there too, thinking about exchanging it for another one.

    Walking through a new neighborhood looking for a house we are suppose to move into. Somebody lived there before. Their neghbors are suppose to help us with taking our boy to school, since we are new. I'm trying to talk to this woman who is getting her son dressed. She is the one who is suppose to help. I keep saying Hi, but as if she didn't hear me. Somebody finally taps her on the shoulder and she lifts her head. Her face looks beat up, eyelid swollen, tears in her eyes.

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